Saturday, 6 July 2013

#TERROR People Trapped - Burning Boeing 777 #SANFRANCISCO

42 dead in school shooting plus Canadian train explosion, then a 777 explodes in San Francisco ... minutes ago (this page will be updated as more news in).


(BREAKING)) #TERROR People Trapped - Burning Boeing 777 #SANFRANCISCO

"Firefighters are at the scene of a plane crash on the runway of San Fransisco International Airport. Thick clouds of black smoke are billowing from the grounded aircraft as people escape on emergency slides.  The plane was a Boeing 777 operated by Asiana Airlines flying in from Taipei. People are reportedly trapped inside the aircraft according to a police scanner.  The fire on board the plane has been registered at 3rd alarm and several ambulances have been dispatched to the scene of the accident. "    Previously:


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If I were religious, I'd say god was pissed at Americans, for supporting torture.  Obviously he can't wait, and is bringing the flames to this world, for your average American, only too happy to allow his or her President, to torture, main, and murder, across the planet.

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