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Former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden announces he will seek asylum in Russia before attempting to travel to Latin America. Speaking on Friday at a press conference in Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport, Snowden says he can only at this time legally accept asylum in Russia, because of his limitations on travel. Snowden has been on the run since disclosing details of US surveillance programmes

Snowden announces he will seek asylum in Russia - audio by

"Putin: Snowden will leave Russia at earliest opportunity

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In the corridors of Western power, Vladimir Putin is not popular. He has a disconcerting habit of getting things done. Putin, a Russian patriot, started to reshape covert geopolitical power structures when he and his colleagues moved to stamp out the influence of the Rothschild and Rockefeller syndicate maggots at work inside Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989-90.

These parasites, mostly oligarchs, mummy-got-me-ready chess players, and P2 Lodge mafia proxies, were agents of the G7 Nazi continuum. Their aim was to secure Russian oil and gas to prop up the US petrodollar Ponzi nexus. They failed and, from 1998 onwards, Vladimir Putin made sure that they failed publicly.

Just as the Soviet Union was deliberately collapsed by the G7 élite syndicates, it had been deliberately constructed to fail by a previous generation of those same puppeteers many decades earlier.

The EuroZone was another bankster toy. Manufactured to launder unbacked fiat paper currency to Asia, it is now being collapsed by the very same banksters who set it up in the first place.

In Western fractional banking, it doesn't matter whether you build up or whether you smash down; you make big money each way and in the process you generate useful debt to control sovereign treasuries. After each collapse there is a fire sale. If you're a banker, you don't just buy the dips; you create the dips. Money is the mechanism which makes people poor.

With China and one hundred and eighty other BRICS alliance nations, Putin's Russia is teaching the G7 Nazi continuum a rather obvious lesson: fiat paper currencies are not money; gold is money."

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We have been telling you and telling you, but you're still entranced by the Fake Fiat Magik Trix Dept U human, and until that ends, there will be no end, to your GENOCIDE by the BANKSTERS!  Fact.



"NSA-leaker Edward Snowden will leave Russia as soon as he gets such opportunity, but for now the situation is unclear, says Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"He is familiar with the conditions of granting political asylum, and judging by the latest statements, is shifting his position. The situation is not clear now," Putin said.

The president stressed that the US basically trapped ex-CIA employee Snowden in Russia while he was in transit to other countries.

"He arrived on our territory without an invitation, he was not flying to us - he was flying in transit to other countries. But as soon as he got in the air it became known, and our American partners, in fact, blocked his further flight," Putin said, meaning that the US government revoked Snowden’s passport shortly after he arrived at Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport.

"They scared other countries. No one wants to accept him,” he added.

When asked about what was next for Snowden, Putin replied: “How should I know? That’s his life, his fate.”

Putin also recalled that Snowden was initially offered an opportunity to apply for asylum in Russia, but only if he stops his “political activity.”

“There are certain relations between Russia and United States, we would not like you to harm them with your activity,” Putin quoted Russian officials during their dialogue with Snowden. “He said no...he said, ‘I want to continue my activity, fighting for human rights. I think the US is violating certain international regulations and intervening in private lives and my goal to fight this.'"

Putin added that Russia has no desire assist Snowden as long as he refuses to cease such activity. "


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