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#MOZILLA 4th July - Huge Online Protest Against #NSA #SPOOKS

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"Reddit, Mozilla And Others Plan Huge Online Protest Against NSA For July 4"

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"The Huffington Post | By Drew Guarini Posted: 07/03/2013 2:25 pm EDT

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nsa protest
Reddit, Mozilla, Wordpress, 4chan and other websites are planning a Fourth of July protest against the National Security Agency over its widespread surveillance of telephone records and Internet traffic through secret programs that came to light last month.

Spearheaded by the Internet Defense League, a 30,000-member group of Internet activists and websites, the Restore The Fourth campaign will have websites promote anti-NSA messages on their homepages along with directing visitors, where they can donate to help fund television ads against the intelligence programs.

In addition to advising visitors to call members of Congress, Restore The Fourth is coordinating street demonstrations in more than 75 cities, which will include “liberal groups, conservative groups and libertarian groups alike.”

A map of protests tomorrow via Restore The Fourth.
The web-browsing nonprofit Mozilla, which was not included among the nine Internet giants that The Washington Post and The Guardian revealed were part of the NSA's PRISM program, got the ball rolling on the protests several weeks ago by starting, a site that allows individuals and organizations to sign a petition that asks the U.S. to reveal the full extent of its spying programs. At the time of writing, the site had garnered 539,013 signatures.

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