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And now, in the light of the disclosure above, that the Brazilian Government is actively in the process of declassifying documentation about the subject of Black Goo /Sentient Oil (we're all struggling for a decent phrase on this subject but we found GOO an interesting choice of words, see this post we made about stuff FALLING FROM THE SKY, which we termed GOO, independently of knowing anything about these interviews ) ...

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 "This is a great series of interviews. I have keenly followed Miles work through Bases and Ammach and this is a rare chance to hear His Much valued opinions on many topics brilliant. 
Great work and Look forward to see what you come up with in the future.."

Bases 17
ET Connection with Falklands War Parts 1& 2 (2nd Edition)

Published on Aug 24, 2012

In this re-upload of the ET Falklands War ET connections, David Griffin of Exopolitics UK sets the stage for the details of a Blue ET-Base on Thule Island south of the Falklands, the Black Goo or Gray Goo, an "intelligent oil" allegedly leading to the deaths of many staff at MARCONI in the UK.

The claim is from abductees that the Argentine Government had a Blue ET base on Thule Island, which was destroyed by a team of SBS and SAS commandoes.
The problem being a an intelligent black fluidic substance, illustrated in the X-Files and Prometheus films. This extremely dangerous "Intelligent & Aware" substance, was removed from the base, and given to Marconi communications company, so it is claimed, which resulted in many deaths and murders of Marconi scientists, computer programmers and other staff in the early 1980s.
This leads in the Gulf Oil spill in parts 3 and 4.
A special presentation of the AMMACH Project, ExopoliticsUK and Underground Video UK
The X-Files trailer which got this globally banned Is availble on Yube thanks to a comment:-
Xfiles trailer on the Black Oil


Sentient Fluid Black Goo Fast Blast

Published on Sep 23, 2012  Now updated with the AMMACH Project and Bases 18 Sessions. We are getting feedback these long versions are being blocked and banned in some countries. Crucial hard data must follow, to back up Alistairs central claims of this sentient fluid exists at all, and the amount of it in London's sewers, and the new life forms there. The AMMACH Project reveals information on a Biomorphic "Sentient Fluid" which is an intelligent and aware "Black Goo", found over 30 years ago on Thule Island, and taken to the UK Defence company Marconi. As featured in AMMACH report Bases 17 with David Griffin. It   
exists as physical fluid but also as an intelliegent "etheric" orphogenic energy. Exposed and changed by this fluid, Alistair Martin comes forward describing this Sentient Fluid in the London sewage system, after it was dumped as unprofitable and of no further use for Defence "SuperSoldier" development. Alistair mentions his many military contacts during hours of interviews for Bases 18 and The AMMACH. This Fluid is evolving and changing the DNA of life wherever it reaches a host.  Found in the sewers of West London, near Gloucester Road,and in ocean locations. Alistair's own DNA has been changed after AirBorn contamination from this fluid. Alistair is telepathic and spoke for this highly intelligent and aware fluid for this YouTube Fast Blast. Two major reports have been recorded for researchers and broadcast on PSTV (SKY-Ch191/2). A two part AMMACH Witnesses Report and BASES 18 a long format version over 4Hours Also known as "Black Goo" This is a world changing issue for all life on the planet, with a short time line of decades.

Extraterrestrial and Exopolitical Elements to the Falklands War with Argentina by David Griffin Published on Mar 19, 2013

"Gotcha!" was an infamous headline and photograph in a British tabloid at the start of the 1982 conflict between Britain and Argentina. However in addition to the war footage that was played out for several months for the public - it appears a whole other dimension possibly triggered the initial invasion by the Argentinian forces and the response by Mrs Thatcher's government. In this novel presentation David Griffin provides an in depth look at these so far un-acknowledged elements and detail the ramifications of this to the well known "Marconi deaths" of British scientists. Why do several highly popular films of recent years refer to the alleged, highly-advanced ET technology that seems to be part of the core story discovered at the root of the conflict?? David Griffin presented "Gotcha! - Previously Unknown Extraterrestrial and Exopolitical Elements to the Falklands War with Argentina" on Sunday 5th August, 2012 at the 4th Annual British Exopolitics Expo in Liverpool.

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