Thursday, 4 July 2013

#EU #Nigel Farage: Gathering Electoral Storm (July 2013) #UK

All Hail, to the latest Fake Fiat Trix Dept Controlled Opposition.

Quite happy to lead the lead Role in the Play of Sovereignty ... Until you mention the British Enslavement to the City (from whence he comes), and the FAKE FIAT MAGIK TRIX 15 TRILLION.  And then suddenly, Nigel,  he's off back to PARADE AROUND misleading you that the FRUADULENTLY CREATED 15 TRILLION BEING USED TO TAKE CONTROL OVER EUROPE, wasn't in ANY way, washed through the Federal Reserve, JP MOrgan, HSBC, and of course, RBS, which the soon ENTIRELY FICTIONAL (thus) accounts, will be endlessly promoted in the BRITISH PRESS, to SUCKER Brits, who will buy the bank 'at a discount' (isn't the Govrnment kind) with NO MENTION WHATSOEVER, of the CIVIL and CRIMINAL LIABILITES on RBS, before sale.

And The Pet Goat!

They'll LAP IT UP! .. thanks to Nigel staying nice and MUM! ;) 


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Published on Jul 2, 2013
UK Independence party leader Nigel Farage speaks in the European parliament


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