Thursday, 4 July 2013

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"Action for Freedom to Restore the 4th Amendment

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Restore the 4th Protest

This is a watershed moment for our basic rights to free speech, freedom of association, and privacyWhat the NSA is doing is illegal. We are at the moment where we decide if the government should have the power to track, target, profile, and deem suspicious any one of us based on our small everyday movements. The first in line are probably the journalists we depend on, any of our friends or family who are even slightly political. This is why privacy matters – it does not allow the government to unreasonably persecute anyone.

It’s time to leave behind the politics that have failed us. These government dragnet programs started under Bush, but Obama made them even worse, and his administration has mounted an unprecedented attack on journalists and whistleblowers, using the Espionage Act to stifle free speech more times than all other presidents combined.Republicans and Democrats have both failed to uphold the Constitution — they’re defending the NSA’s programs, or outright lying about it — and as a result, the foundation of our democracy is in question.

#OpNSA Stop Being Easy Meet!

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Muse - Time Is Running Out [Live at Wembley '07]

Muse - Time Is Running Out by Muse Muse - Time Is Running Out

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