Thursday, 20 June 2013


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OCCUPY Demand Herzog's Extradition #OpBLACKHEATH

Reiterated when no one answered the call:
Tuesday, 5 February 2013:
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EXTRACTED (part only)

"A One World Exclusive;  Wednesday, 19 June 2013
What are the Realities from Dinars to the PP and GS Issues?
From Zero to Hero - Who are Key Players and Why?

The BIG Legal Criminal Treason Exposure First.

How does it affect you?

Trillions are involved, so where is it all?

It’s always what you don’t know that takes you down. The Sting in the Tail.
Reflect on history, a number of key issues indirectly affect so many of you. Key issues affect nations, so why is nothing done? Who’s in charge, an interesting question indeed?
We will provide you with a simplified overview of core realities. Collectively, damning!

The Private Placements Overview. Recovery for most starts here.

Addressing this first provides more synergy, because it underpins most of your direct positions or aspirations. Taxes to be accrued settling from longer overdue and defaulted redemptions, will enable the Fed to conjure up more On Balance Sheet money to redeem funds owed to its so many Creditors and to fund the Dinars. The Fed has no money. It never did. It is, in effect a Ponzi scheme (read Scam!) which creates Fiat money, all illusory shows of false wealth. The base of their Grand Deception is all Smoking Mirrors and the Sham perceptions. Their 3 Shell Trick game played ruthlessly with the world as its innocent and gullible victims. An Empire of illusory wealth based on quicksand. Their Jekyll Island conspiracy to defraud and enslave not only a nation has escalated to deceive the world. They owe such vast sums as would reflate many economies.

A series of big questions need to be addressed.

Why has Obama gone to Germany and Berlin instead of returning to the US to finally resolve the morally long overdue PP and Dinar settlements? What is more important than that, to you and the nation? 

Is it, in FACT, because the Bushes, under growing Interpol criminal investigation legal pressures, have just asked (Directed!) Obama to intercede with Merkel to get Michael Herzog released out of the German JAIL in Berlin, where he is now housed for the BUSH. CIA, Herzog THEFT and FRAUD of the Falcone Trading Program Funds? Where he is squealing like a Stuck Pig that he will take them all down if he is not sprung?

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