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Hi   I came across this on the web and thought you should be interested.


PRESS RELEASE - embargo: for immediate release

Re: @CENSOREDNEWSNOW Cambridge University 911  Interview

Hi I am just writing to let you know about the following interview with Richard Gage,
founder of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth; available (free to watch) here: 
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NOTE, subsequent to discovering AE911TRUTH were not particularaly focsed on Pentagon, we went looking:

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There is also a WORLD EXCLUSIVE translation of Honorary Judge of the Italian Supreme Court;

And the FBI Chief Counter-Terrorism Czar Richard Clarke finally found his nuts and spat it out:
Veterans Today joined in with:

And so it's time:

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Meantime, back in England, of course, the Farce of Covering up for GLOBAL FASCISM, is wearing pretty thin, even, for plod:

"The auditorium grew hushed as a senior Watford borough councillor took to his feet. The police liaison team looked nervous. They had made their presentation and laid out their plans for this "unique event": the anti-terrorism zones, the identity checks, the restriction on vehicles stopping in the vicinity of this "important international conference". But now it was the turn of the people of Watford to speak.

What would they make of this international three-day policy summit, with its heavyweight delegate list bulging with billionaire financiers, party leaders and media moguls, protected by the biggest security operation Watford has ever seen?

"What this whole thing boils down to," boomed the councillor, "is this: are you, or are you not, setting a precedent for vehicles parking on the verge of the Old Hempstead Road?"

Thus began an hour-long (hour-and-a-half-long?) discussion about whether or not cars and press vehicles should be allowed to park on a strip of grass running parallel to the A41, just opposite the Grove hotel. It was like a weird, dystopian episode of Keeping Up Appearances. Never mind that our ministers are meeting in secret with the heads of Shell, BP, Google and Amazon – what about the verge!

There was an audible gasp when, under intense questioning, Chief Inspector Rhodes was forced to admit, citing a "bylaw", that the no-parking signs on the verge were actually fraudulent: no such law existed ..."


Obviously, that chap's never heard of Citizens Arrest!

Come ON cheif constable, PLAY THE GAME!

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