Sunday, 2 June 2013


Dare you drop the MIND CONTROL, and understand the REALITY of WHO organises, and approves the false flag attacks that MASS MURDER?

Dare you READ our WORLD EXCLUSIVE TRANSLATION of the Honorary Judge of the ITALIAN SUPREME COURT; who tells you not only were the FBI and CIA BOTH complicit in the 911 attacks, but recently, also that he has DOCUMENTARY EVIDENCE that BILDERBERG arranged THE 911 ATTACK ON AMERICA which SLAUGHTERED Citizens from almost EVERY COUNTRY on PLANET EARTH; SIX TRILLION DOLLARS in MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX REVENUE LATER ... do you need me to tell you there's a MOTIVE, right there, RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES. 

If you dare you should spend the next few hours, listening to the father of Bilderberg research, who states the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT has KNOWN FOR DECADES, that BILDERBERG NAZIS, also arranged for the SLAUGHTER of PRESIDENT KENNEDY.   If you dare, continue to the link below

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#BILDERBERG Assassinated Kennedy New World Order EXPOSED

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