Tuesday, 11 June 2013

#Anonymous Operation: Troll the NSA #NSA #CIA #DIA #MIC

Just to be clear, got nothiing to do with us! <g> ...  First, a GLOBAL round-up of Anonymous coverage, WORLDWIDE, in MANY LANGUAGES (scroll through for your language) :)

However, this, is all ours:
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"A stunt to jam up the National Security Agency's servers got its start in the offices of two BuzzFeed employees. Chris Baker and Mike Lacher, creative directors at the news site, say they hope millions of people will send a seemingly mundane email about a bad job and travel plans to their friends at exactly 7 p.m. on Wednesday. The catch: the script, which they wrote together, is filled with words that could pique the NSA's interest -- including "bomb," "ricin," "radicalized," "true believers," and "flight school."* With news that the NSA mass monitors Americans, collecting phone metadata and a huge amount of email data, a small movement has started to flood the NSA with mundane, yet keyword-laden emails. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian break it down.

#Anonymous Operation: Troll the NSA #NSA #CIA #DIA #MIC

Huge playlist on the NSA! GLOBAL COVERAGE of the PRISM NAZI system of STAZI NAZI 'National Security'

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"China Reveals First Space-Based Quantum Communications Experiment

The “Chinese Quantum Science Satellite” will launch in 2016 and aim to make China the first space-faring nation with quantum communication capability

The ability to send perfectly secure messages from one location on the planet to another has obvious and immediate appeal to governments, the military and various commercial organisations such as banks. This capability is already possible over short distances thanks to the magic of quantum cryptography, which guarantees the security of messages, at least in theory.

For the moment, however, quantum cryptography works only over distances of 100 km or so. That’s how far it is possible to send the single photons that carry quantum messages through an optical fibre or through the atmosphere.

Last year, we watched as European and Chinese physicists battled to claim the distance record for this technology with the Europeans finally triumphing by setting up a quantum channel over 143 kilometres through the atmosphere.

That distance is a good fraction of the way into space. And the reason that’s important is that it’s a stepping stone to sending quantum messages to orbiting satellites which can then route the messages to almost anywhere else on the planet.

Today, the Chinese claim another small victory in this quantum space race ... (continues).


Original Rabbit:

*Read more from Daily Beast:

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