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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Tell me, did we nail it, or did we nail it; 97% of the United Kingdom, PAYING for their OWN CHILDREN to be RAPED UP THE ASS, by the BBC 'Stars' ...

And do you know, right now, 97% of Britain, REALLY IS PAYING FOR BBC EMPLOYEES TO RAPE CHILDREN.  Like Catholics before them, SLAVISHLY grovelling at the feet of the PAEDO-CULT PAPACY, here we go, 97% of Brits, TODAY, we be JUSTIFYING the BBC, which is RAPING THEIR CHILDREN, and COVERING IT UP (see proof below) did we NAIL it, or DID WE NAIL IT?!?!?!

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Go on ADMIT IT SLAVE; you LOVE paying for your OWN CHILDREN TO BE RAPED, as young as NINE, too!  You SICKO.

No, PROVE IT RIGHT NOW:  Flip the licence over, complete the section marked REFUND, and DUMP the MIND CONTROL BOX right into the DUMP, where it belongs, didn't you know?

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"BBC Trust Chairman Chris Patten has admitted licence payers face a compensation bill after Stuart Hall’s admission of paedophilia.

The former It’s A Knockout and BBC Radio 5 Live presenter, 83, confessed to abusing children as young as nine.

He now faces civil damages claims from his victims, many of whom are also planning to sue the corporation for failing to stop abuse on its premises.

But Lord Patten insisted the BBC will not open a new inquiry to run alongside its Jimmy Savile investigation.

Speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show yesterday, he said: “I think to set up a new inquiry, when there is already one which is extremely well-resourced operating, would probably delay arriving at the truth.”

Asked by guest presenter Jeremy Vine if the BBC would be liable for compensation, Lord Patten added: “I imagine so, but that will be a matter for the lawyers and conceivably the courts.”
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Sicko Brits; frankly, I'm disgraced to be one, today ... 97% SLAVEHOOD NATION, and they LOVE IT! They JUST LOVE PAYING for CHILD RAPE, yes yes, it's TRUE!  The only ACID TEST, is do they have a MIND CONTROL BOX in the House, in SLAVE NATION Britain, of course, being SLAVES, you're NOT ALLOWED even to HAVE  a TV without PAYING FOR THE PAEDO-BBC.

Meantime, of course, the ex-Deputy Chairman of the CONservative Party; charged with MALE RAPE.

PAEDOBRITAIN ....  Yes, yes, indeedy.  And if you're thinking, but, but, but the BBC provides me with NEWS, take the ACID TEST; have they YET reported the BIGGEST LEGAL PAEDO-STORY on PLANET EARTH, from TURKEY, to the CONGRESS of the UNITE D STATES of AMERICA;

Let's check for the first time in a month or two, hey, WHY NOT!

Compare those search results, notice who comes second, behind our mates over in The Netherlands, yes, yes, NOT the BBC, but our very own website:

Now FUCK OFF BACK to your BOX; you're not wanted around here.


You'll not be missed, you SCUMBAG.

Meantime, whilst you get off on paying for RAPE of NINE YEAR OLDS, we've done MARS BASE disclosure, EISENHOWER INVASION of AREA 51 n+MOR!

"Published on Apr 29, 2013

Astrakhan region, Seen at 08,15pm g.Harabali pos.Silitrennoe.2 times of analyzing and processing at high speed, You can see unidentified flying object, In single-frame playback you can see dark shapes, elongated shapes, appearing in hundredths .Ne tampering done on video, You can is its clear."

Not that you MORON, this:


Click the link above you MORON, don't get distracted by the mere fact of EIGHT MISSING ANTARTIC EXPLORERS (two of whom previously found the SECRET MILITARY BASE);

"Antarctica Explorers Vanish Looking For Secret Base
Submitted by Need2Know on May 04th, 2013 – Flag this news as inappropriate
Category: Science
Has a team of 8 explorers actually vanished on the Antarctica continent recently in search of a legendary military base? Amazingly, that is what was recently reported on a Peruvian TV news show. According to the news report, the team was made up of researchers and scientists from several different areas of expertise. Among them were 2 mountain climbing experts, 2 geologists, and 4 research assistants. The team was reportedly in search of a secret military base that both of the mountain climbing experts had previously located on a former expedition. The news report did not go as far as saying the base was built by the Nazi's but several researchers have speculated that it was what the team was trying to locate. "!
Or if you must, of course, all covered, in-depth, simply MONTHS ago, (possibly a year or mor now?!):,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.45960087,d.d2k&fp=8233794c9c56d186&biw=1132&bih=889

The White Rabbit!

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