Monday, 20 May 2013


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By JOSHUA MITNICK in Tel Aviv and STEPHEN FIDLER in Brussels

A top Israeli military intelligence officer on Tuesday said the Syrian army has repeatedly employed lethal chemical weapons during the country's civil war, an accusation likely to ramp up pressure on an Obama administration that has warned such a move would be a "game changer" and cross a threshold that could force a change in U.S. policy.

A Free Syrian Army member walks past damaged buildings and debris in Deraa, Syria, on April 17.

"[Syrian President Bashar] Assad is using chemical weapons in Syria," said Brig. Gen. Itai Brun, who heads Israel's intelligence branch's research division. "The very use of chemical weapons without an appropriate response is a very disturbing development, because it could signal that something like that is legitimate."

The remarks are the most explicit statement to date by Israel that the Syrian regime has used chemical weapons, after accusations from Syrian rebels emerged last month.

While France and Britain have said they have confirmed chemical-weapons activity in Syria, Israel's assessment carries added weight because it is thought to have the best intelligence network inside Syria and shares intelligence with the U.S."


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Neatly of course, no mention of BRITAM, and the ADMITTED aspects of the emails released, CONFIRMING the USA STATE DEPARTMENT had AUTHORISED the use of CHEMICAL WEAPONS, and Quatar, was trying to buy a RUSSIAN chemical weapon, and get it delivered AND USED in Syria, MASS MURDERING Syrians, just so that Israel, could (once again) delude the people's of America, and the UK, and elsewhere, that it's the good guy in the region (you know, whilst BUILDING WALLS AROUND the PALESTINIANS, just like the NAZIS did, to the JEWS, in Warsaw.

We notice the timing, ALWAYS; because it's usually a DEAD GIVEAWAY.

We've late publishing this (just found it in drafts); of course, you can see the HARD EVIDENCE Israel is NUKING Syria, right on #OTB, and have been able to, for days.

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