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#GUEST New Gun Owners - By Joe Harrison #ARTICLE

New guest author; ex-Cop Joe Harrison steps up to the Interwebz to lay it out for you, at also a great cost in pain, because it is painful, teaching MORON HUMANS.(The White Rabbit!  We're not sure they're not The Pet Goat (new and improved GOAT, rather than human, but some human still do live).

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"THURSDAY, MAY 2, 2013

New Gun Owners

New Gun Owners
By Joe Harrison

Thanks to the liberal push to ban guns, there are now more gun owners than ever. As a matter of fact, I think it’s safe to say that the citizenry of the United States is now better armed than it has been at any other time in history. I think this is a great thing, they push to take guns away and we respond by buying them in record numbers. Everywhere we go we are meeting people who are now carrying guns, and doing it legally.
With this all being said, I felt compelled to share my opinions on a couple of issues concerning gun ownership. Keep in mind that these are just my opinions and you may agree or disagree, however, they are based on ten years in law enforcement, during which I spent a year as a firearms instructor and a year as a competitive shooter. I also survived numerous shootouts and I really don’t care to discuss how many people I have had to shoot during those years.
Many of the people we talk to have attended some sort of firearms safety course and have fired their weapons at the range. They are familiar with the basic operation of course but they know nothing about the proper care of the weapon. One person had a .380 auto in his pocket, told me that he had fired it and it worked fine, but had never broken it down and cleaned it because he did not know how. He said it was OK though, because he kept it sprayed down with WD40. I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that it is not a matter of IF his gun is going to fail but WHEN. If you are in a similar situation, take this tip, you can go to youtube, look up your gun and there will be step by step instructions there on how to break it down. I have yet to find a gun that was not there somewhere. It was my wife who said that you should have a sort of personal relationship with your weapon and she was absolutely correct.
Now let’s talk about caliber. .22 seems to be the most popular but we also see some .25 auto and 380 auto. People give all sorts of reasons for carrying these small calibers; everything from, it fits well in my pocket to, it is really cute to, a .22 can kill you. Personally, when I carry, which is pretty much all the time, I am going to have on a man stopper. Both my wife and I carry .40 caliber loaded with hollow points as well as extra magazines. Yes, a .22 CAN stop a person, if you have time to get really close and pull off a well aimed calm kill shot, or you just get really lucky. My .40 WILL stop a person, even if I only hit them in the arm. Keep in mind that if you are in a position to use the weapon, you are going to be in fear of your life, your heart will be beating a million miles an hour and you will be experiencing an overdose of adrenalin. The chance that you will be able to get off a well aimed shot is pretty slim.
Now that brings us to one of the most important issues. I can’t count the number of people who have told us that they don’t plan on ever shooting anyone; all they will have to do is point it at them and scare them off. Now, I consider myself to be one of the good guys, but everyone needs to be aware that there are a lot of people like me out there and some of them are bad guys. Somehow, some way, I was born without the ability to feel fear when threatened. I can only perceive a threat and react to it, almost like a machine. The fear of what happened usually doesn’t hit me until several hours later. With that being said, if you were to pull a gun on me with the intent of scaring me, you would immediately be shot because my reaction would be swift and natural, I wouldn’t even have time to put any thought into it. Like I said, if I am that way, there are many bad people who are the same. If you are not prepared to fire that weapon and take someone’s life, then you are probably better off not having it on you, it can get you killed. That fraction of hesitation is often all it takes. Most armed conflicts last a matter of seconds from beginning to end. You should also always keep in mind that the best way to survive a gunfight is not to get in one.
There is a huge responsibility that goes along with carrying a firearm every day. This sounds bad to say but you must be able to instantly flip that switch in your head, changing you into a cold blooded killer. If you don’t think that you can do that, you may want to leave the gun at home. Don’t get me wrong, I would be fine if everyone carried all the time, I just would prefer that everyone knew exactly what that entails.
Practice, practice, practice…you cannot train too much. When you need to use that weapon it must be natural, there should be no thought involved as to what you should do or how you should do it. Not only does that mean regular trips to the range, but you should also practice mentally. You really should prepare yourself mentally as well as physically to take someone’s life. There is no other purpose for that weapon, it is there to kill someone in order to protect your life or the life of someone else…that’s it.

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I will be adding stories while they are still in progress, this is the reason why. On May 5th of this year I was involved in a motorcycle accident and as a result received a severe brain injury. I am able to write for about an hour at which time I literally pass out for about 45 mins. After coming back to conciseness it takes 3-4 hours to recover making my writing process very slow. At one point I had decided to stop writing because of this. If you find any of this interesting, please let me know, it will really help me stay motivated. Keep in mind that they are not finished until I say they are complete so there is really no need for you point out that there are grammatical errors in them, I know that, besides, I write them like I tell them. If you would like an individual copy of any of these stories please send an email address capable of receiving a word attachment and we'll be glad to send you one."

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