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Previously (and highly relevant; and thus for the first time ever in 6000+ posts, republished IN FULL on this page, BEFORE the LATEST DISCLOSURE PROJECT EVIDENCE from PAUL HELLYER!

"Tuesday, 13 March 2012


MINUTES BEFORE DISASTER - on 10th September 2001 - what would have been the global news story agenda lead worldwide on 11th September 2001(the day of the 911 attacks); that NASA has known about buildings on the far side of the moon ... our moon, since the first fly around the moon; since the Apollo program, amongst many other fascinating subjects.  Instead, a 47 story sky-scraper was falling into it's own footprint, a building full of CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS relating to the crimes of the Bush Crime Group - the Enron and WorldCom/MCI frauds.  Perhaps indeed, even an investigation into the 'rogue agency' named by Lord Blackheath in the House of Lords ... Stick with the argument, because even if you don't watch this whole first video first time through, you simply MUST watch theCANADIAN CALL FOR WAR ON AMERICA, under it, which is just 11 minutes!

TEN BANKSTER STOLEN YEARS MORE LATER ... More INNOCENT MILLIONS DEAD ... we have this Canadian HERO; the Ex-Defence Minister for Canada, stepping forwards, to tell you something we told you here, some time ago now.  He calls on all Americans worldwide, to conduct a WAR ON AMERICA, to return it to Presidential control.


If all of this is news to you, you really should have been paying more attention to our earlier posts, we've been trying to break you in gently; and have even been taking in some heavy in-bound from many of you that simply don't want to know the truth about this subject, like with 911, itself.  The HORROR, that these endless illegal wars are entirely pointless, bankster engineered, CRIMINALLY ENGINEERED events on the planet, that they are entirely UNNECESSARY ...  

Are you getting mad yet?  

Because the whole world is getting REALLY PISSED OFF that Americans wish to live in Disney generated reality (paying nice high prices for all energy to boot, to the BANKSTERS, of course; and their CENTRALISED control structures), whilst Greeks start to eat of out dustbins, and repressed technology continues to be used and enjoyed by SOMEBODY.

And let's be 100% honest here; it's NOT being enjoyed by Americans, now is it, even though you paid for it! ;)  Are you going to get some answers organised for the planet Occupy Wall Street; or is sitting in parks, about the sum of what you think is helpful to humanity (not just Americans, do note), right now?  The world needs Occupy USA to get answers!! ;)

Now you need to see our very next post; THE NATO DISCLOSURES

Further research - links on this website covering this issue you need to see now! ;)
Our sister site's first ever upload to finish: (now 

Now part of the ;) [and thus usually stuggling to stay UP! heh! #Lulz]

"Uploaded by censorednewsnow on Apr 5, 2011


We believe this video is of historical significance in the disclosure movement, because it adds to the credibility of the argument that President Eisenhower was at least offered a meeting with 'off-world astronauts', even if he did not actually meet with such entities, or in the alternative, that there was definitely high-level political psy-opps being played on elected U.S. politicians over the disclosure/ET issue, by (one must assume?) the U.S. military-industrial complex.

As we see from the recent disclosures in relation to Afghanistan and the U.S. psy-opps unit employed there to undertake mind control activities on visiting elected U.S. politicians, unfortunately this latter suggestion is not as far fetched as it may seem. We do feel though, that this is an either/or proposition; either the briefing was 'real' (i.e. happened), or it did not; either the President could have met with extra-terrestrials, or Mr McElvoy was well and truely psy-opped by the US military industrial complex. Of course doubters, will no doubt do what doubters do; choose to believe Mr EcElvoy is lying, for some purpose known only to himself. We think such an interpretation of this video, is pathetic, considering the courage it has taken Mr McElvoy to come forwards, in the full knowledge, like so many others before him in the disclosure movement, that he could be prosecuted under national security legislation, to which he no doubt signed up to, when (at the latest), he became a State Legislator in New Hampshire.

We commend the integrity of Mr McElvoy in speaking out, before death, to make this disclosure, and we encourage others who may be reading this, to come forwards before death, too, to disclose what you know that has been hidden from so many for so long.


If you liked this video, please consider showing your support for our efforts by subscribing to our newsletter via and/or forwarding on this video to anyone you know who may be interested or needs to know about it. Please DO DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO NOW, and RE-UPLOAD it to your own channels and/or EMBED it in your website(s); spread the word!!!


CENSOREDNEWSNOW.COM - Interview with Mr Richard Gage, Founder of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth:

UPDATE 1 posted 15th March 2012 - Government/Military of Chile Admit UFO's Real
UPDATE 3 - LIFE FOUND ON MARS IN 1976 by VIKING!! (Did we tell you so ;))

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Monday, 6 May 2013


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