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Further to our explosive world exclusive English translations in the literally explosive WAR CRIMES indictments on ALL members of the NORWEGIAN Government (we still awaiting confirmation of the exact extent of the names/numbers of WAR CRIMINALS in the Norwegian Military Intelligence (may have been 'delayed' in transmission to us) ... Just hot, and HOT HOT HOT; the EXPLOSIVE STORY OF EXPLOSIVES AND CHILD MURDER MAYHEM goes BALLISTIC across PLANET EARTH!  Forget Sandy Hook, forget 911, 7/7, and 311 for just a moment; welcome to 22/7 REVEALED!

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22. July revealed
Footage from the government quarter shows three unknown men in military uniforms with red berets, rolled up his shirt sleeves and gloves to remove a cable minutes after the explosion. Until 22 July Commission says Deputy Chief of Police in Oslo that witness from Utøya told about several shooters that night that the massacre took place. How many participated in the terrorist attack on Norway? Who were they?
The trial related to the terrorist attacks on 22 July is officially closed. Anders Behring Breivik has admitted that he was behind the bombing of the government quarter and the Utøya massacre that took place in the time from 15.25 o'clock to 18.34 o'clock on 22 July 2011. Witnesses have spoken, just as experts, and the court has reached a unanimous verdict. Anders Behring Breivik has done it and he did it alone.
But the trial ended before 22 July Commission released its report. And here are all the wounds of one of the most terrible days in Norwegian history torn up. The Commission police failure fatal to a number of points. There is an extensive and thorough documentation that question hangs in the air: Can this really be chance?
We must hurry to add that there are several theories on why terrorism occurs. NRK / VG version is that terrorism occurs because people are frustrated because of poverty or are filled by political extremism. Another view is that terrorism is a war between nations in peacetime or performed by the Western elites as a form of control over the population or a government policy. To illustrate the difference with a concrete example, the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963. NRK / VG version is that it happened because Lee Harvey Oswald, the official killer, killed the American president because he hated the American society. The second theory is that Kennedy was assassinated because the U.S. power elite thought the President wanted too much power and could not be sure and because he probably would not escalate the fighting in Vietnam. An intelligence operation was rigged, where the president was shot by several gunmen. Oswald was just a patsy. Version one is solo terrorism, version two is a criminal conspiracy.
We carry the two aforementioned examples to Norway 22.7. 2011, we are faced with this:
A. Anders Behring Breivik carried out two terrorist attacks because he wanted to fight against a multicultural society in which Muslims have a significant influence.
B. The terror caused by an elite or a country that wanted to put Norway in place, intelligence services made it.
Population, Norway's politicians and media have settled that point A is right, even after surviving the 77 who were killed (one drowned). Here's a few of the arguments for this view.
1. Anders Behring Breivik has admitted that he was behind it all.
2. Police investigations have not revealed that others were involved in the operation.
3. Witnesses on Utøya are confident that it was Anders Behring Breivik who shot.
Especially the last two points are strong indications. Thomas Quick case shows, however, that a confession need not be real.
So to point B, what's important indicated that 22/7 was not a solo terrorism, but a major campaign with many involved?
1. Unknown soldiers picked up the cable / detonator minutes after the explosion.
2. Witnesses reported several shooters, emergency squad got information about it, recording it shows.
3. The news agency Associated Press put out huge aerial photography from the Utøya 21.7. 2011.
4. The launch of white al-Qaida of Security of the United States 21.7. 2011.
5. Police made a number of chal clear flaws, the military and government was passive.
6. Police lies and contradictions.
7. NRK-image of the perpetrator of Utøya.
8. An unknown van drove ashore on Utøya at 16.05.
9. Witnesses said the killer peered out onto the bay and were picked up by boat.
10. Anti-terror exercise from 18 June to 22 July was identical to what actually happened.
11. Witness description of the bomb man at 170 centimeters from the Middle East.
12. Breivik were observed in several locations at the same time.
13. Breivik's Facebook page was modified at 07.22 hours. 2011.
14. Brevik and official links to Mossad.
The problem in such cases is that the major media and their experts underestimating the point B, a criminal conspiracy or "false flag operation", actually exists as an opportunity and as a historical fact. A further example is the Reichstag fire in Germany in 1933. A leftist, Marinus van der Lubbe, was blamed, and it gave the Nazis under Hitler a golden opportunity to imprison communists and other political opponents. But many believe that it was the Nazis themselves who set fire to the parliament building to get a reason to adopt a policy that gave them more power. Van der Lubbe was tried by his own confession and sentenced the sole perpetrator even though it was clear that more must have been involved in the arson. He was like Lee Harvey Oswald (as most evidence suggests) one that was destined to get the blame, a scapegoat, a decoy, a "patsy". Lee Harvey Oswald said it yourself when he was arrested for the murder of the president: "I'm just a patsy." It is similar to the the only one who has been arrested for the Mumbai terror in 2008 have stated.
News Diary is one of the few places in this country that have presented alternatives that Breivik is behind alone, a number of foreign experts is the addition of a completely different opinion than our "experts", the media, police and judges.
We go here on each of the 14 points

1. Unknown soldiers at the Government Building minutes after the bomb went off

A link on Nyhetsspeilet shows a recording made by TV2 News channel (see video above) taken at the junction Apotekergata-Grubbegata of Government right after the bomb went off 22 July. Two white vans parked in Apotekergata with illegible signs. One of them has the door open.

Two white vans parked in Apotekergata with illegible signs. One of them has the door open.
Three men dressed in uniforms and red berets are hurried, almost dancing down the Grubbegata. They are wearing the uniforms of the Norwegian military. One of them takes her hand as if he removes something, he has gloves.

Three men wearing uniforms of the Norwegian military. Who are they, and why remove the wires from the street just after the bomb blast?
The other comes behind the blue rubber gloves. He bends down at Grubbegata without hesitation. And what is that? Yes, a cable, cord or detonator.

SOLDIERS STRIP DETONATOR: Three men in military uniforms and red berets picks up a wire / cable / detonator right by Grubbegata few minutes after the bomb has gone off in the government quarter. Is this Norwegian military or foreign agents who disguise?
Who are these men? Are they genuine Norwegian military police soldiers? Is the foreign agents? Why are they so white vans with unrecognizable divorced? How do they know that the cable / wire / detonator is in place? Why has not notified that they were there? Why are all about. 170 cm with dark hair?

2. Several shooters

In online newspapers 22 July and print editions of 23 July reported several youths at Utøya that there were several shooters in turn from 17.21 to 18.34 o'clock. One of the shooters is described as a man in civilian at 180 centimeters with dark hair and a Nordic appearance. TV8 Buskerud interview one of the young people from Utøya Night 22 July:
The young man says: - There were three pieces.
Reporter: - Three pieces that shot?
The young man answers: - Three pieces, yes.
View the Chief Constable of Oslo expresses the same to 22 July Commission, and action leader in Emergency Squad confirmed this in the trial this spring, he was told on the way to Utøya that it was from three to five shooters in turn.
NCIS rejected the possibility of multiple shooters already 25 July. The reason given was that it had to be only one shooter since it was only found two types of ammunition. But it is strange, two or more shooters can then be fine to use the same ammunition.
Listen one of film footage that exists, sounds different kinds of shots in a matter of seconds, especially if one compares the VG version of neighbors shooting at the TV2 version at around 17.50 when the red smoke rises at the white main house. In NRK footage from Utøya all about.18.30 when emergency squad disembark (recording lasts for one minute and 43 seconds) it sounds different shots series 15-20 seconds into the recording. It is likely based on the footage that there are several that shoot. Who will conduct the first scientific analysis?

3. Aerial view of Utøya by Associated Press uploaded 21 July

Terror Attack on Norway 22 July was a global event. Media over the world wrote about the incident, including the news agency Associated Press that feeds hundreds of media material and purchase photos from all countries.
But the agency has no aerial photos from Norway, with this exception: four high-resolution photographs of Utøya in shining sun, taken and uploaded to the agency's records 21 July 2011. Did people in the agency that something would happen on the island that would call the world's attention? Who tipped them? Associated Press feed the German news channel N24 and other moving images 22 July and a fake bomb explosion appears among others.

4. Launch of "white al-Qaida similar threat" of Homeland Security in the U.S.

21. July launched Homeland Security, the U.S. Security Department, a video where white terrorists operate. We note that it occurs at the same time as the Associated Press Utøya upload images. There is a clear shift from the image that has been in recent years that it is primarily Muslim men are dangerous. The controversial radio host Alex Jones says 21 July that a terrorist attack is imminent. 24 hours afterwards slam it in Norway.

5. Police make a number of unexplained failures, the military and the government is passive

In all actions must ask whether there have been any abnormality in the response of the police and military? If it does not, for example, if the response time is within the normal limits, it is a good indication that there is something behind. But 22/7 was not normal. Police used a long time and made many mistakes that newspapers and especially 22 July Commission has revealed.
The military has escaped criticism and a critical eye. Brief mention here: The massacre begins in the period at 17.15 to 17.21, the closing of the period 18.32 to 19.01. Official figures are 17.21 to 18.32 to 34, but here it must be noted that in several media on 22 July and 23 July arrived, police were sources that Breivik was arrested around 19.00. Whether it takes a long time before the police take action on Utøya, although the first police officers arrived at the land at 17.50 and there is a lot of boats.
In the police instructions, the police in this case, get over right away and challenge the offender. It did not have the two police officers even though they heard the shot series and then the young people throw themselves into the sea. The policemen were standing to scout and direct traffic while the young people were slaughtered. A shameful moment in Norwegian history. They were probably under orders to do it since the emergency squad was underway. Why? Was the reason that the police took reports of multiple perpetrators so severe that they knew they would be shot themselves the moment they entered the island and that it was therefore appropriate to wait until they had enough troops? Or was it a secret order that they do not under any circumstances to enter the island until at 18.25? Reads the so-called "man-in-the-middle attack", it is not excluded that the attackers manipulated communication to the police.
10 minutes after the bombing campaign comes into tips on appearance bomber and registration number of the vehicle he drove. The tip was written on a sticky note by an operator at the Oslo police. Operations manager did nothing with the tip until it was gone 20 minutes and the perpetrator was halfway to Utøya. Not enough with that, he had a police escort until Sandvika!
Right after the explosion reported the pilots in charge of the police helicopter that they come to work and get the helicopter up in the air. It was not necessary, said Oslo police. And this despite the fact that Norway was under attack for the first time in 70 years, the government building was bombed, a terrorist attack without doubt and another was on the way - something Beredskapstroppens CEO confirms that he knew (see Der Spiegel in august 2011).
Force does, with one exception, nothing else than waiting for police initiative. How do the military at 15.30 the attack are military or that another nation is behind? Some informs them, someone they trust 100 percent. There must be intelligence services of NATO. Yet mobilizing the military in one place instantly, central plant, happened a few miles from Utøya.

6. Police lies and contradictions

Beredskapstroppens leader Anders Snortheimsmoen said in Der Spiegel that he went up to the office of Johan Fredriksen, chief of staff of the Oslo police, right after the bombing. Snortheimsmoen says he warned Fuller that another attack was underway, a la previous terror attacks in Mumbai in 2008, and they had practiced all week. He also stated that it was found gasoline cans hung up in the trees on Utøya. It's just that the police subsequently denies that these pitchers were. Fuller says that he was not at his office in the afternoon 22 July. He was in Sweden on vacation with his wife.
Johan Fredriksen denied in the days after 22 July that police helicopters could be staffed with a sniper could shoot down the culprits at Utøya. It emerged later that precisely this was done during previous exercises, sniper on board the helicopter. Director of Police Directorate evaluation committee, Olav Sønderland, refused in December 2011 that the police could have been faster on Utøya. 22. July Commission undressing this lie in his report. Police director Oystein Maeland said in august 2012 on their part that the GPS data on the patrol cars were not available for Sønderland Committee. One day afterwards admitted Mæland that he had given the wrong information.

7. The image of the perpetrator at the south

NRK photographer who was in a helicopter took pictures of the perpetrator when he shot the victims at the southern tip of Utøya. As Nyhetsspeilet have pointed out earlier, there is something strange about the picture. Comparing the man who shoots at the southern tip of police photos in court and Breivik, there is a difference. The man at the south seem to have the moon, Breivik's thinning hair - but has no moon.

WHITE STAIN BOTTOM AND HEAD NOT MATCH breivik: The offender at the south, Utøya around 18:30 pm on 22July. He has two white marks on the back, but the police photos from the trial showed that the perpetrator had only one such label on the back. How is this connected? Head to the perpetrator does not fully fit to the rest of the body. Is there a-register from a silicon mask? He seems to have a moon. There have Anders Behring Breivik.
He who shoots have a reflector or white bar at the bottom of the back. Police rendering of what the perpetrator was wearing on the island only shows a white bar at the top of the back (where there were "police" and in accordance with the uniform of the Emergency Squad). In addition, when looking at the picture of the perpetrator's head from the side, it does not proportionally when compared with the rest of the body. This gives us reasons to believe that the perpetrator who shot not Breivik, but another similar Breivik, a double, or a user of advanced silicon mask - which can provide disproportionate impact.

8. Unknown van ashore on Utøya

There has been much focus on the offender, described as Breivik, who goes ashore on Utøya, naturally enough. At about 17.10. it happens. No cars were on the trip. But Labour politician Are Tomasgard state in an interview that it was with a van over to Utøya at 16.05. If this is a correct observation, it is striking that no one seems to know where it drove and parked. Who ran it? What was inside the car?
Police closed the island after the massacre was over and Breivik was arrested. Photos of the massacre or hours right before the massacre inside the Utøya not exist, even though it was over 500 young people with mobile phones on the island. No wonder all the time the police confiscated all mobile phones. NRK was however in place with his helicopter over the island during the massacre, unlike the police and military. Helicopter Pictures appear to show that a parked car, dark, between the tents to the Norwegian People at the schoolhouse. They also show a white car behind the dark and a car in the woods right by. One or two of these are not accounted for, we know only a white car from Norwegian People's Aid, which was used to transport the injured after the massacre. Moreover, we know of a white van from Bislet Car standing at the pier when the massacre taking place. But anyway: one or two vans are not accounted for and were drove ashore 16.05, just before the information session started.

9. Witnesses said the killer shifted to civil and boarded a boat

More young people said in the days after the massacre at the Utøya killer had shifted from police uniforms to other clothes and boarded a boat. It appears for example in an interview in the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet and Norwegian Aftenposten. Neither the police nor 22 July Commission has mentioned this in one word. Because it was not important or because it would overturn the police explanation?

10. Counterterrorism exercise from 18.7. to 22.7, Mumbai-scenario (multiple attacks)

Aftenposten reveals 26 August 2011 that there was a counter-terrorism exercise that took place in Oslo on 18 July to 22 July at 15:00, the bomb went off 15.25.
Emergency squad was central to the exercise was in full swing when the bomb cars and getaway car was driven from Rena to Oslo. TV2 reported on the evening of 21 July that it was observed in men in dark uniforms who went through the government quarter, part of the exercise? Exercises hang with the big terrorist attacks.
Authorities say it's random, but critics say that it is not random. Counterterrorism exercises and those behind the attacks opportunity to infiltrate the security and government apparatus, and with a few exercise to go over to reality. This is the more historical examples. Just watch the movie "Valkyrie" with Tom Cruise. Coup makers to kill Hitler. To do that, they write about an exercise so that it can be used to create a real event. The terrorist attacks in London on 7 July 2005 bombings went from the middle of an anti-terrorism exercise.
Former agent of the British intelligence agency MI5, Annie Machon, says in this video that she "from the inside", witnessed how some of her colleagues performed a false flag terror. She also address how it ahead of the London terror 7/7 2005 running a counterterrorism exercise, as midway through the exercise turned into real terror, where it was the same 4 places points in London Town (3 Tbanestasjoner and a bus) that was plotted as "practice goal" that was hit by real terror until the exercise was over ...
No media in Norway have followed up the exercise, apart from a brief mention in the newspaper Dagbladet, and none of the police have been talking about it since. 22. July Commission does not mention exercise with one word, neither in the trial was brought to court. Silence. Why, because it is insignificant or because the exercise that resembled the real terror soon after carrying an ominous record that it involved probably a false flag terrorist attack as federal authorities were involved in?

11. Bomb The man was reported to be 170 cm from the Middle East

When the media shows a picture of a bomb on his way from the government quarter, they write that here last Breivik. But what we see is a man in police uniform with helmet and visor down, a man we see - not Breivik. Guard of Government describes bomber to be about. 170 centimeters and the Middle East. Interestingly, for Breivik is 183 centimeters and from Skøyen.

Here is a man in police uniform with helmet and visor down, a man we see - not Breivik

12. Breivik were several places at once

Can Breivik have a doppelganger? If that is the case is not something new. Lee Harvey Oswald was originally reported to be two or three places at the same time and thus have one or two doubles. Is that the case for Breivik also? Witnesses said that Breivik was in his mother's hometown, Kragerø, in the period 18 July to 21 July, he reportedly visited a shop in town and joked with the owner who knew him well from the past. Outside stood two grim men who were with Breivik and observed traffic. But at this point, police said Breivik was Rena, there are also witnesses that he is there. Where was he, Kragerø or Rena?
In the evening, 21.7. provide a bartender that Breivik drinking a sweet drink at a bar in Oslo West. But this night, 2230, sees him testify at the top of Tyrifjorden in a boat with another man. In addition, the mother of Breivik said he was home at 22.30 on 21 July and saw the crime until 23:30. As if this were not enough, the getaway car runs into Oslo and registered in a toll ca. at 23:00. So where was Breivik Night 21 July? At Utøya? At his mother? At the bar? Or he drove the getaway car? Who is the man he was with? Who are the men that were with Breivik Kragerø?

13. Facebook page Breivik replaced in 22 hours July

Breivik was officially arrested on Utøya at 18.32 to 18.34 on 22 July. The timing of the emergency squad first reported to be 18.27. In Aftenposten and NRK states 23 July that he was arrested at about 19:00. But late at night 22 July, Facebook page, his changed. The first profile showed him as a private person and was in Norwegian, the second profile in English came at midnight, where he appeared as a conservative Christian and a leader of Geofarm. The new page matched the profile of the perpetrator was in the manifesto. Page was taken down into the night of Facebook.Who changed his page before it, so that it fit the crime? He could not do it himself because he sat in the interrogation of the main house at Utøya.

14. Breivik and Norway's links to Mossad

Aftenposten states in an interview that a man connected to the Mossad reported to be in Oslo a few months prior to 22 July. The same man is linked to the project SAFE-COMMS (caused by the Israeli Bar Ilan University) with the Norwegian authorities PR advice after 22/7.
The former intelligence analyst in the U.S. Army Trowbridge Ford said that Breivik was part of Mossad operations in Sweden. Site Hawk of Pandora stated that there were a number of Mossad agents in Oslo in the summer and autumn of 2011. Several of these had been involved in the murder team that killed a Hamas leader in Dubai in 2010. A small digression is that the police in Oslo right after the bomb went off about an enlightened foreign parked car with luggage applied stickers from the airport in Dubai, it was here that Mossad agents country before the attack in 2010.
The aforementioned website states that the legendary Mossad chief Mike Harari was at a bar in Oslo during a German alias on 22 July. If this is correct then he would be there to ensure action, or cancel it, if something happened utforusett. Such security introduced Mossad after the scandalous Lillehammer murder in 1973, former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky has said in an interview. One of the last to leave the action area manager for action. The bar was a few hundred meters from where the bomb went off.

MOSSAD IN BAR IN THE CITY: A website claims that this is Mossad legendary Mike Harare, the man behind the Lillehammer murder in 1973. The picture was taken at a bar in Oslo 22 July 2011. If this is correct, there is reason to believe that the Harare led terror campaign against Norway. Campaign manager, according to former Mossad agent Victor Ostravsky one of the last to leave the action area.
Mike Harari led the way Lillehammer campaign and probably got help by the Norwegian authorities and the police at the time. We can only speculate here: Mossad was Mike Harari in Norway 22 July to take a final showdown with his nemesis and revenge debacle in Lillehammer?
Again we return to our questions:
Was Breivik alone 22/7.-angrepet?
Breivik was just a scapegoat while others stood behind?
It's time

The alternative explanation for the 22/7

Anders Behring Breivik was not alone in the terrorist attack 22/7. He had professional help. There is a good chance that he fired a single shot, or was responsible for the bomb.
22/7 occurred because someone disliked politics, Norway accounted for, be it in relation to Palestine, Russia, Libya, EU, oil reserve, global warming or the war on terror. Norway terror needed a lesson. It is also possible that some people thought the world needed a white al-Qaeda, which could make it easier to form a "tension strategy" in which the Christian part of the population being played out against the Muslim, white against the dark. Such a strategy may make it easier to control the population and the implementation of the desired development.
We notice that from 2006 Breivik stayed mostly in the apartment at Skøyen with a mother who seems confused. Was mother and son under a form of hypnosis or heavily medicated? We note in addition that the first psychiatrists believe Breivik has a disability that makes him not even tie my shoelaces itself.
The planning of the 22/7 started in 2009 as Norwegian prosecutors have assumed, however, can not be excluded that the action was first decided in autumn 2010, it was from this time rifle and pistol were ordered and purchased.
There were leaks from Wikileaks in the British Daily Telegraph 22 July. Here it becomes clear, via WikiLeaks leaks, the U.S. and British governments for a long time, dating back to 2007, had despised the Norwegian government because it was weak in the war on terror, including Norway refused to accept 24 British agents to monitor terror suspects. An interesting aspect of the British newspaper is that approximately at 19.30 Norwegian time 22 July let it out an article on the website where it was estimated that the perpetrator was Norwegian and right wing. Good guess so early or newspaper writer had information from inside? The newspaper should have good contacts with the intelligence services included in NATO.
There is also reason to pay attention to that Finance Minister Kristin Halvorsen went to train in January 2009 in protest against Israel's war in Gaza. At the same time total AUF and the Labour Party on a campaign against this war. The Norwegian doctors Mads Gilbert and Erik Fosse destroyed on top of this a lot on the PR front for an Israel at war. In December 2008 and January 2009, there were large anti-Israeli demonstrations in Oslo. Muslims were active.
The firm was founded by Geofarm Breivik May 2009 and purchases could eventually start. The manifesto was in production, but here is the notion that Breivik was controlled or cooperated with others. Who was the mentor of Breivik? One of those proposed is Alan Lake in London, a wealthy man who works at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development which shall be funded European Defence League (EDL), which interestingly enough started at about the same time that Breivik formed company Geofarm.
We can not exclude that an organization that Mossad could take over control of the Norwegian police and military, but NATO must be informed.Mossad, MI6 and the CIA's most dangerous organizations - partly controlled by private groups. Once these are in turn, is mostly possible. The override of the Norwegian authorities may be via encryption, digital certificates and private networks, possibly via a company like PWC, company representatives attended all the interviews done by 22 July Commission and save them, it's way well in the Norwegian sector.
A counterterrorism exercise is important for players who want to create a terrorist act, and exercise was thus in the period 18 July to 22 July until 15:00 pm. Government Affairs practiced also on emergency evacuation and destruction in 2011 on the basis of the Norwegian Security Act.
Under antiterror-øvelsen raidet en rekke menn i svarte uniformer regjeringskvartalet kveld og natt til 22. juli. Hvis bomber skulle plantes i bakken ved regjeringskvartalet, eller i Olje- og energidepartementet, var dette en gyllen mulighet. Uansett klokken 14.18 den 22. juli gikk en bil over ende på E18 på Bygdøylokket og lange køer danner seg inn- og ut av Oslo. Dette skjedde innfor tidsrommet for antiterror-øvelsen. ”Mohamed” het sjåføren i VG uker etterpå. Denne velten førte til at Breivik eller gjerningsmannen ble forsinket på vei ut av Oslo, og flere mediene skrev at det kunne ha reddet liv, inkludert selveste Gro Harlem Brundtland som var på øya om formiddagen 22. July.
Det er sannsynlig at ”Mohamed” jobbet for de som planla aksjonen, og at ulykken ble arrangert for at de skulle ha mer kontroll på fluktbilen fra Oslo til Utøya. Lite trafikk på E18 i retning Sandvika ville gjøre turen sikrere. Naturligvis hjalp det også at en politibil eskorterte fluktbilen, slik 22. juli-kommisjonen fikk fram .
En annen side ved dette er at hadde ikke trafikkulykken inntruffet, er det en sjanse for at gjerningsmannen kunne ha rukket 16.05-ferja til Utøya. Men da var det en varebil som skulle over, en ukjent varebil med ukjent innhold.
Gjerningsmannen kom fram til Utvika ca. klokka 16.40 etter en stans litt lenger unna. Om dette faktisk kan være en annen enn Anders Behring Breivik har det aldri vært stilt spørsmål ved. Men her tar vi høyde for at mannen som kom til ferjeleiet ikke var Anders Behring Breivik fra Skøyen, han bare så slik ut.
As it says in the VG:
Prosecutor Inga Bejer Engh: - Do you remember any of these people?
Anders Behring Breivik: – Nei.
Husker du hva slags våpen du brukte?
Anders Behring Breivik: – Jeg husker ikke, men basert på andre ting, så er det lett å resonnere seg til hva jeg brukte.
Aktor Inga Bejer Engh: – Det du forklarte fredag, det var til dels basert på saksdokumentene?
Anders Behring Breivik bekrefter det.
Aktor Inga Bejer Engh: – På fredag sa du… Du sa du ser de når du går på Kjærlighetsstien på nytt. Er dette noe du husker?
Anders Behring Breivik: – Det er ikke noe jeg husker.
Aktor Inga Bejer Engh: – Du husker ikke om du skjøt de flere ganger første gangen du var der?
Anders Behring Breivik: – Nei.
Det er heller neppe Breivik som har skapt bomben. De tre, nærmest dansende, mennene i militærpolitiuniformer, hadde sannsynligvis brukt militært sprengstoff og detonator for å sprenge bomben eller bombene, en muligens under bilen som blir kjørt inn klokken 15.17 og en i Olje-og energidepartementet.
The bombs were synchronized and sounds almost the same tenth (witnesses stated that they heard two explosions). It did not smell diesel so it should do if it was a fertilizer bomb, it smelled sulfur. These uniformed men, soldiers or agents, was to help the victims right after the bomb had gone off. A grim thought is that they do it to obtain an overview of the number of dead. They'll know how many people have to die in Utøya that they should figure 77 The numbers they did in print in VG same day.
A closer examination of the film footage at the government building also shows several civilians with walkie talkie and a bald man with glasses and an identity card that treats injured along with two others while one or two others in civilian guarding. It looks coordinated and planned out, and the man is not unlike one of the people in the alleged Mossad killing team in Dubai. A gray van blocking a street and two men walking around in something that looks questionable police uniforms. Associated Press leads the German TV channel N24 with strange images from Grubbegata including displays a fake bomb explosion.
Central plant is present war headquarters. Why were mobilized when the Prime Minister at 16.13 in the phone to Grete Faremo custom action as civil and ergo that it was the police who would be responsible for all initiatives? Forsvaret fikk i alle fall Sentralanlegget i gang, så det stod klart til klokken 17.00, 15-20 minutter før gjerningsmannen startet sitt drapsraid, men spesialsoldater og helikopter eller fly klarte de ikke å få opp før Breivik var arrestert i skogkrattet. Var Sentralanlegget bemannet med utenlandspersonell for å observere og sikre? Eller hang Sentralanlegget sammen med øvelsen tidligere på dagen, de øvde på en situasjon der regjeringen settes ut av spill i Oslo og et interimstyre fortsetter ledelsen av landet i fjellet i Hole?
Jens Stoltenberg holdt en tale på kvelden 22. juli der han sa at de som står bak ikke skal skremme oss fra å være Norge, talen ble ferdigskrevet rett før sommeren 2011! Men har dette blitt en realitet? Hvis vi følger opp motivet om at det var Norges forhold til Russland noen ville påvirke, ser vi at Norge i november 2011 inngikk en gassavtale med Storbritannia verdt 100 milliarder kroner, noe som binder de to landene sammen og som betyr mye for britiske selskaper. I år trakk Statoil seg ut av Stockman-samarbeidet med russerne.
AUF var Norges mest offensive organisasjon i forhold til en boikott av Israel fram til 22/7, Arbeiderpartiet var positive til en palestinsk stat. Hva har skjedd i ettertid når det gjelder dette? Lite eller ingenting. Det hele er pulverisert.
Og det må også nevnes at Jens Stoltenberg hadde en samtale med Russlands Putin 20. July 2011. Var det bare drøftelse om et videre samarbeid som ble nevnt der? Eller måtte Stoltenberg informere Putin om at det ville skje noe Norge på bakgrunn av rapporter han hadde fått fra E-tjenesten?
Det er et psykologisk/religiøst aspekt over 22. juli-angrepet på Norge som vi tar med i slutten av denne artikkelen.
I Det gamle testamentent, 1. Mosebok kapitel 4, kan vi lese om Kain og Abel. Et av Kains avkom er overmodige Lamek, vers 23 og 24 står det om Lamek og hevn:
«Og Lamek sa til sine sine hustruer: Ada og Silla, hør mine ord. Lameks hustruer, merk min tale! En mann jeg dreper for hvert sår jeg får, og en gutt for hver skramme jeg får.
For hevnes Kain syv ganger, da skal Lamek hevnes syv og syttiganger.»
Hvis du åpner VG 22. juli 2011 og slår opp på side fem på siden etter en sak om kronpriser i Arbeiderpartiet og foran siden om finanskrisen i EU, så ser du en annonse for bussreiser hvor tallene er langt større enn bokstavene, hvilket tall? 77. Hvor mange døde av terroren i Norge? 77.
22. juli 2011 var 65-årsdagen for bombingen av King David Hotel i Jerusalem. Det er også datoen for nazistenes oppstart av jødeutryddelsen i Warszawa-gettoen under 2. verdenskrig (22. juli 1942). Grunnen til at det bør nevnes er at flere av de unge oppfattet gjerningsmannen på Utøya ikke bare som en politimann, men også som en nazist. Selv sa Breivik etter at han var pågrepet at han var det største monsteret siden Quisling. Ser vi en historisk parallell i at en ny Quisling utrydder nordmenn og europeere på samme dato som europeere utryddet jøder?
Kanskje er det i stedet en ny ”Strategy of Tension”, en spenningsstrategi, det legges opp til for å styre befolkningen mot mer sikkerhetskontroll og forbud mot våpen slik 22. juli-kommisjonen ber om. ”Strategy of Tension” har dype røtter i Europa og henger sammen med NATOs Gladio/stay behind-nettverk etter krigen. Vi vet ikke sikkert.
Så langt virker nøkkelen til 22. juli-angrepet å være: ”Ved hjelp av bedrag skal du føre din krig”.
I et lite etterord tar vi med dette fra boka til Ostrovsky, hentet fra etterdønningene av operasjonen i La Seyne-sur-Mer i 1979. Politiet mørkla etterforskningen, og avisene begynte å trykke spekulative artikler om hvem som var ansvarlig. En avis sa politiet hadde mistanke om at det var ”ytterliggående venstrekrefter” som stod bak, en sa det var palestinere som hadde gjort det på vegne av Libya. Le Point gikk for FBI. ”Andre anklaget Mossad, men en israelsk regjeringstjenestemann aviste anklagen som antisemittisme”. Men det er et historisk faktum at det var Mossad som utførte terror på fransk jord, dengang i 1979.
Intervjuer gjort av 22. juli-kommisjonen, inkludert visepolitimesteren:
Intervju med Grete Faremo finnes på Regjeringen.no.
22. juli-kommisjonen:
Mumbai-terroristen ble arrestert før angrepet han angivelig var med på:
Eksempel på en tidlig utlandsk artikkel om terroren i Norge: 
Agenter eller soldater i Grubbegata:
Menn i sivilt med walkie talkie ved regjeringskvartalet 22. juli:
Homeland Security i USA med video rett før angrepet i Oslo, ”hvit al-Qaida”:
Et av flyfotoene av Utøya lastet opp av Associted Press 21.7. 2011og brukt av verdenspressen dagen etterpå, blant annet i Daily Telegraph:
Alex Jones forutser angrepet på Norge:
Politihelikopteret og flyger som meldte seg fort:
Intervju med leder av Beredskapstroppen i Der Spiegel august 2011: 
Bok ”Ved hjelp av bedrag” av Victor Ostrovsky og Claire Hoy.
Bok ”Da terroren rammet Norge” av Kjetil Stormark.
Norge og Danmarks koblinger til Mossad når det gjelder asylsøkere:
AUF og Arbeiderpartiet går for Gaza-aksjon januar 2009: 
EDL og Alan Lakes kontaktnett. 
EDL og Jewish Defence League: 
FBI anser Jewish Decence League som en terroristorganisasjon:
Silikonmaske i Mission Impossible 2:
Vitner beskriver gjerningsmann to på Utøya og hvordan han stakk av:
Mossad i Oslo 22. juli og sommer og høst 2011, mulig Mike Harari var på bar i Oslo sentrum:
Om fire bevæpnede menn i Oslo ca. 19.50 den 22. juli: 
Vaktførstebetjententen i regjeringskvartalet melder om bombemann på 170 cm fra Midtøsten:
Breivik observert i Tyrifjorden kl 21.30 den 21. juli:
Festet på kjendisbar 21. juli: 
Facebooksiden som ble forandret sent på kvelden 22.7: 
Fornyingsdepartementet informerer om sine øvelser og Grubbegata: 
Sjåføren ”Mohamed” i bilen som gikk rundt på Bygdøylokket 22. juli klokken 14.18:
Aksjonen i Norge ligner Port Arthur-massakeren i 1996 og Oklahoma city-bombingen i 1995:
Daily Telegraph den 22. juli om at Norge ikke er forberedt på terror: 
Janne Hovland så gjerningsmannen på Utøya speide utover vannet i tre minutter: 
Naboen filmet dramaet på Utøya, sammenlign skuddlyder fra VG og TV2:
Norske politikere uttaler seg kritisk til Israel i forbindelse med Gaza-krigen:
Gassavtale verdt 100 milliarder med britisk selskap:
Warszawa-gettoen med oppstart 22.7. 1942:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grossaktion_Warsaw_%281942%29 "

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