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#BILDERBERG Ferdinando Imposimato #911TRUTH #CABAL

Meet the Honorary Judge of the Italian Supreme Court, as recorded in wikipedia.

The smartest amongst you will understand, in political, as well as legal matters ... I let wikipedia, and the just, in our world exclusive first translation:

Since then, we also have:

Speak for themselves .... What a TOTAL BATTLE it was (you can still see the mess!) to get and keep online, like the BOSTON TRUTH,and Jim Stone right now, so we hear <g>

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"Ferdinando Imposimato
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
sen. Ferdinando Imposimato
Italian Flag
Italian Parliament 
Senate of the Republic
Place of birthMaddaloni , ItalyItaly 
Date of birthApril 9th 1936 (77 years old)
LegislatureX , XII
Page institutional
Hon. Ferdinando Imposimato
Italian Flag
Parliament Italian 
Chamber of Deputies
Place of birthMaddaloni , ItalyItaly 
Date of birthApril 9th 1936 (77 years old)
Title of studyDegree in Law
PartyDemocratic Party of the Left
GroupCOMMUNIST - PDS from 30 April 1992 to 12 May 1992
DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF LEFT from 12 May 1992 to 14 April 1994
Boarding schoolNAPLES
Assignments parliamentary
  • Member of the parliamentary committee for prosecuting
Page institutional
Ferdinando Imposimato (Maddaloni , 9 April 1936 ) is ajudge , politician and lawyerItalian . It is honorary president added the Supreme Court .
He was involved in the fight against the Mafia , the Camorraand terrorism : it was theexamining magistrate of the most important terrorism cases, including the kidnapping of Aldo Moro (1978), the ' attack on Pope John Paul II (1981), the 'murder of the vice president of the Superior Council of Magistracy Vittorio Bachelet , and judges Richard Palma andGirolamo Tartaglione . It also deals with the defense of human rights .


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Biography edit ]

After graduating in law to 'University of Naples in 1959 , in 1962 he became deputy commissioner of police, and is intended first to Brescia and then to Forlì . One year later, he returned to Rome as an official at the Treasury , where he works for a year. In 1964becomes magistrate. Which investigating judge instructs some of the most important cases of terrorism including the process Aldo Moro , the ' attack on the Pope , the murder of the vice president of the Superior Council of Magistracy ,Vittorio Bachelet , the massacre of Piazza Nicosia . It is the discoverer of the Bulgarian track in Europe and international connections of terrorism.
It is the first to speak of the connections of Italian terrorism with Israeli intelligence and the presence in the Moro case of the KGB (view echoed twenty years later, in the dossier Mitrokhin ). It deals with cases against the Mafia and Camorra.Among other instructs the case of Michele Sindona , banker linked to the SicilianCosa Nostra , accused of fraudulent bankruptcy for the failure of Italian and foreign banks (the Franklin Bank of New York ). In 1981 instructs the process to Banda Magliana , an agency of criminal linked to Cosa Nostra , terrorism, with the high priests, to financiers, to usurers, builders, politicians and administrators.
In 1983 , his brother Franco is killed by a Kin. In 1984 is designated as the representative of Italy in Strasbourg to the problems of international terrorism through the abuse of diplomatic immunities and draws up the "final motion" unanimously approved by the 16 countries of Europe. In 1986 , after the constant threats of Cosa Nostra make him leave the judiciary, becomes legal advisor of the United Nations in the fight against drugs. He went several times, on behalf of the 'United Nations , in the countries of ' Latin America for programs to strengthen the legal system of the countries plagued by drug trafficking.
Prepare on behalf of the United Nations several training programs for judges Colombians, Bolivians, Peruvians and Ecuadorians. For a program that takes place in Italy , participating in, among others, Giovanni Falcone , Gianni De Gennaro , Rosario Priore , Giancarlo Caselli and the Carabinieri General Mario Mori . It deals with human rights and the principles of due process in Latin America, where, on behalf of the Department of the United States, has an important mission in Peru, with prof. Carlos Arslanian , Minister of Justice of the State of Buenos Aires, and with prof. Robert Goldman , the George Washington University.
In 1987 , as an independent left, Imposimato was elected to the Senate of the Republic , and in 1992 the Chamber of Deputies . In 1994 he was elected to theSenate . For three terms is a member of the Anti-Mafia Commission . Has several bills on the reform of the intelligence services, public procurement, transplantation, on the kidnappings, the repentant, on terrorism, on the dissociation. He was a member of the Supreme Court , where it reaches the degree of Honorary President of the Supreme Court added .
He was President of the International TRIO (Transplant Recipient International Organization). He is the director of the observatory Eurispes on organized crime in Italy. It is frequently of miscarriages of justice, including the condemnation of three boys Jumpers for a double murder of two little girls citation needed ] . It's collaborator and consultant Don Pierino Gelmini , director of 150 therapeutic communities for drug addicts in Italy and abroad. It deals with the labor of prisoners to the community in connection with the association "Free to San Vittore."

Citations, awards, honors edit ]

In 1984 is designated by the French magazine Le Point Man of the Year-Judge Courage and receives the award dedicated to Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa to have continued his battles in the service of justice despite the threats received and the murder of his brother.
In 1985 the Times of London devotes a whole page calling the scudisciatore mafia. The magazine " Reader's Digest "dedicated a service for his investigation ofterrorism and mafia . In the same year a book of ' UN chose him, in the year of youth, such as "The Symbol of justice."

Miscellaneous edit ]

In 1986 he wrote six subjects film for RAI . The films are produced by a co-production between the televisions of Italy , France , Germany , Austria and Spain. It is six stories judicial, entitled The investigating judge , that tell some of the investigations conducted by Imposimato. In them is the recurring problem of the fallacy of justice for the elusiveness of truth and the real contradiction between legal truth and the real truth.
Among the performers, headed by the director Florestan Vancini , there areErland Josephson , the actor's favorite director Ingmar Bergman , who plays the part of Judge Imposimato, Danici Gelin, Horst Bucholz, Capucine and Vittorio Gassman . Federico Fellini , a close friend of the court he asks him to write film scripts on issues of justice. But the project does not go forward to the death of the director.
He has worked from September 2001 to June 2008 , as a judge but by the role of Honorary Deputy President of the Supreme Court, with the well-known television broadcast of Channel 5 and Channel 4 Forum and afternoon session of court Forum . He retires and does not appear in the new edition of the programs. In September / October 2011, however, every now and then he sees himself in the Forum-families , a spin-off of the Forum are proposed where the most interesting cases discussed by the court of forums over the years.
On 13 April 2013, his name is on the list of candidates for the office of President of the Italian Republic chosen as a result of the second vote of the members of the online M5S . [1]

Honours edit ]

Grand Officer of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic - ribbon for uniform ordinaryGrand Officer of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic
" On a proposal from the Presidency of the Council of Ministers '
-  2 June 1999 [2]

Works edit ]

Some books were not published in Italy, but they have been translated and disseminated abroad, such as:

Notes edit ]

  1. [1]
  2. Website of the Quirinale decorated detail.

External links edit ]

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