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Now to be clear, and really clear, there is MUCH TRUTH in the fact that (as the commentator in the full article points out) that TAX HAVENS, provide LEGITIMATE PRIVACY to many, just NOT all.  And let us be 100% CLEAR, it's time those OFFSHORE SERVICE PROVIDERS that took, and KNOWINGLY took HUGE SUMS of FRAUDULENTLY or CORRUPTLY obtained money, and ASSISTED IN IT BEING STOLEN from it's right ful owners, WENT TO JAIL FOR LIFE!

Especially in countries where there is little or no infrastructure or support; these people cause DEATH, and DEATH of the POOR PEOPLE ROBBED BY THESE CRIMINALS.

Do make it to the bottom of the list, and check out the links.  As regular readers of Rabbit already know, we're usually WAY ahead of the pack on most subjects, and on the subject of MARC RICH, we've been as usual, laying a trail, for this moment.  DO NOTE THE TAX EVASION was 200 MILLION USD, and the sum DEPOSITED in the TRUST, 140 MILLION.

Someone in America, should be asking BILL CLINTON, just, exactly how much his campaign received from DENISE RICH (the CORRUPT woman who BOUGHT the pardon of Marc Rich off Bill Clinton).  Just let me be 100% clear (and FUCK THE CONSEQUENCES. SCUMBAGS; JAIL!

We're tending not to mince our word when URANIUM TRADING MARC RICH (??) is involved, as regualrs, already know:

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

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As well as Britons hiding wealth offshore, an extraordinary array of government officials and rich families across the world are identified, from Canada, the US, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Iran, China, Thailand and former communist states.
The data seen by the Guardian shows that their secret companies are based mainly in the British Virgin Islands.
Sample offshore owners named in the leaked files include:
• Jean-Jacques Augier, François Hollande's 2012 election campaign co-treasurer, launched a Caymans-based distributor in China with a 25% partner in a BVI company. Augier says his partner was Xi Shu, a Chinese businessman.
• Mongolia's former finance minister. Bayartsogt Sangajav set up "Legend Plus Capital Ltd" with a Swiss bank account, while he served as finance minister of the impoverished state from 2008 to 2012. He says it was "a mistake" not to declare it, and says "I probably should consider resigning from my position".
• The president of Azerbaijan and his family. A local construction magnate, Hassan Gozal, controls entities set up in the names of President Ilham Aliyev's two daughters.
• The wife of Russia's deputy prime minister. Olga Shuvalova's husband, businessman and politician Igor Shuvalov, has denied allegations of wrongdoing about her offshore interests.
•A senator's husband in Canada. Lawyer Tony Merchant deposited more than US$800,000 into an offshore trust.
He paid fees in cash and ordered written communication to be "kept to a minimum".
• A dictator's child in the Philippines: Maria Imelda Marcos Manotoc, a provincial governor, is the eldest daughter of former President Ferdinand Marcos, notorious for corruption.
• Spain's wealthiest art collector, Baroness Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza, a former beauty queen and widow of a Thyssen steel billionaire, who uses offshore entities to buy pictures.
• US: Offshore clients include Denise Rich, ex-wife of notorious oil trader Marc Rich, who was controversially pardoned by President Clinton on tax evasion charges. She put $144m into the Dry Trust, set up in the Cook Islands."

You know, MARC RICH! ;)

We did tell you:


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