Saturday, 6 April 2013

#BANKING Bank of England #FDIC Conversion Crime #THEFT

They did tell you they were going to STEAL your DEPOSIT and give yo SHARES (in a WORTHLESS bank). An INSOLVEMNT bank ... They took your cash (in loans, earlier, dumbo) ... and tell you they 'lost' it. Meantime, you're on the path to losing your house (but don't know it yet). unless you're in the USA, of course; homeless.

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Most Censored Financial Story Ever BANKING Bank of England
Crimes Of Conversion

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Meet the New Graphics #OTB TEAM MEMBER  yes yes HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally SORTED!

Simple Maths

Satirical News with an angry slant....

ow onto the SCUMBAGS! The THIEVES and the ROBBERS OF YOUR VERY LIFE (like we told you in teh first ever BANKSTER BRIEFING dumbo! 

How fucking STUPID are you HUMAN.  How many TIMES does it take to GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULL Wonderland is MOMENTS away with our QUANTUM FLUX NEWS SERVICE (where you give REAL REALITY a wiggle with our INFO-OPS!_)>

"Theft by conversion occurs when someone wrongfully uses property or funds of another for their own purposes."

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Neat policy for the BANKSTERS!

Your cash is converted.

Read at least the conclusion.

Your deposit, turned into WORTHLESS shares, in a soon to be TOTALLY DEFUNCT bank.




They did tell you. LOL

And so are we, in association with CENSORSHIPIINAMERICA.COM all day today:
#DHS Most Censored Financial Story Ever #OpBLACKHEATH

Censorship in America


The BATTLE FOR PLANET EARTH from the BANKSTERS CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You watching TV? <g>

Saddo!  HISTORY; DESTINY AWAITS THE BRAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dare you?

Dare you stick around a learn a while:


"@censorednewsnow I´m curious,I am no financial guru my friend but seems all financial dealings are up for corruption? End of this road will be a collapse no matter what way people will turn.The bankers and companys are all out for a fast buck at everyones expence..They getting themselves all prepared for the collapse with the gold, silver and metal grab. We are not included in their endgame other than being total slaves and begging them for a grain of rice. They are all total scumbags the lot of them..I have no money to play the casino games which are going on so as long as I can only try my best to store some food and grow my own food and get the word out about how we are all being led to an end with total destruction..""


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