Saturday, 6 April 2013

#Ad EARN on Twitter ... The White Rabbit Way!

Yes yes, it's true!

You can now help us by YOU earning money on Twitter this way:

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Tweet Cash!  Easy earnings on Twitter ethically legally and responsibly, within the terms of twitter (which you must become familiar with!).

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And if you wish us to promote your business or website on Twitter  you can now have this third party assurance that we will take a peek at your suggestion and of course, as we will at all times comply with Twitters rules on such promotions, that your biz or site or account is promoted ethically and in accordance with the twitter (and sponsored tweets rules:  just click here or the next graphic:

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Get EARNING money on Twitter, and we'll get 10% of your earnings, ourselves.

Cool huh!

You can also refer your friends, and get 10% of their earnings!

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Test your WONDERLAND power!  Test your Wonderland Tweet - realise the POWER of HERO The White Rabbit, if your product or service impresses us as ethical and honestly sold....

To help YOUR NEW BIZ START-UP launch, to test your new product or service idea, or advertising; think WIN WIN WIN for YOU for YOUR business and for FOLLOWERS of ...

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You can even add ....

Web hosting

... The White Rabbit! U know u Luvs Us!

Of course, if you sign up under us, as might even be able to send you an even better special offer at some point within Sponsored Tweets.  Sure, we uderstand it's smart biz to help those who help us!

If you want to pay us in bitcoin, we'd love to promote your businesses.

Get in touch direct (as the above is NOT integrated for bitcoin (yet).

We can bitcoin via :)

Soon if this works, we may offer this direct etc.

Why not help us LAUNCH this service!  You now us, when it doubt ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK using .... COPTERS!!!

Humanity Arising #Ascension2013 TRUTH
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The White Rabbit!

Humanity Arising #Ascension2013 #TRUTH

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