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"They ate away the Turkey forum site "

"Friend and ally" the U.S. military maps of Turkey divides 2, dated March 6 nüshamızda cuff yapmıştık.YENİÇAĞ this title's release in a short period of time the U.S. Army Forces Command,'s questions raised.

Published on the American Land Forces Command and "dividing the Kurds of Turkey, combining" After the deciphering maps vanished!

Land Forces Command of the United States of America, "by dividing the Kurds of Turkey, combining the" VEB site map following the publication of early modern times removed, on the map in the "Commands geographical responsibility of the United Control Plan" in the phrase has been deleted. On the map, including Hatay whole south-eastern Turkey, Eastern Anatolia, part of the Central Command of the Armed Forces of the United States included within the boundaries. While the rest were left in Turkey in the European Command task. Regions inhabited by Kurds in Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria, the Kurdish regions of Central Command area of ​​responsibility of

Why is lifted

Retired Brigadier General Nejat bitmap to raise this issue, "she set has achieved a great success in journalism. U.S. Army Forces Command and Turkey, dividing the maps issued in the VEB site, provided they are removed. Good journalism or a leak teröristbaşı Ocalan's instructions to bring up maps of the United States that divides Turkey, is removal of them. Modern Age the news spread around the world via the internet. Hatitayı why the Pentagon has used that divides Turkey and why the very next day after the news of early modern lifts. Who will explain this situation, "he said. The Pentagon is left in the lurch, emphasizing the bitmap, said:

The Pentagon is the power

 "The Pentagon VEB site map to show the scope of responsibility of the U.S. Armed Forces Central Command, put it. I stayed in the lurch, she set YAYINLAYINCA maps and map lifted from the site. No other explanation for it. I need a U.S. official description of this situation. I had a bad intention, immediately lifted. What did it mean, why used, why was removed. Maps of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey what it says, I wonder what she thinks of the General Staff. Turkey, Ocalan's say, when he directed so much attention to the process of Imrali dividing the map of Turkey to the United States, and a part of the media remain silent in the face of early modern times in this article is very interesting. This is a very important event. Be ignored is not an issue.

Map, a day after the publication of the news is an indication that immediate removal of. "

The Early Modern Era"



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