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#TOTALITARIAN Fascist Switzerland Strikes back #NWO

Hero Brit found!!!!!!!

KABOOM - >>> SWITZERLAND NUKED by the Unscabbared Pen of TRUTH!!!

"by craig on March 4, 2013 10:53 am in Uncategorized
Switzerland will still go to any lengths to protect the ultra-rich dictators and mafia who flock there. Mutabar Tadjibaeva – multiple rape victim, survivor of repeated torture and still dogged human rights activist, is wanted for questioning by Geneva Police for the crime of ringing the bell of Gulnata Karimova’s 25 million dollar house and asking to speak to her.
That is absolutely all she did. I know, as I was there and did it too. We both left our visiting cards, took some photos from the streets so the children of Uzbekistan could see where the profits from their slave labour in the cotton fields went, and then we left on the bus, as we came.
Uzbekistan is the World’s sixth most corrupt country according to Transparency International. I doubt one in ten of the houses in Cologny is bought with earned money. This is Gulnara’s 25 million dollar home, with the cranes then building a massive extension at the back.
I can understand that Gulnara does not want people to know she lives at 7 Rue Prevote (both e’s have acutes), Cologny, Geneva. A weird, weird village that also houses Gulanara’s sister Lola and the children of the Presidents of Kazakhstan and Armenia, among others. There are lterally thousands of CCTV cameras. At this time of year none of the homewoners are there, just security guards in Adidas wear. The only noise is the barking of guard dogs. The 4 wheel drive Porsches, Range Rovers and Mercedes G wagons are sat still and cold on the drives.
That a speaker at the FIDH human rights film festival is harassed in this way is bad enough. But Mutabar was also there to give formal depositions in human rights cases to the United Nations. That dictatorships can use the Geneva police to harass dissidents visitng the UN is scarcely healthy.
Switzerland attempted to clean up its image as the repository of illegal cash by adopting anti money-laundering legislation. But that legislation specifically exempts real estate – you can buy your Cologny mansion without having in any way to declare how you got all that cash. The ever corrupt Swiss exempted it because Switzerland makes money from it. Outbreaks of democracy on the streets of Cologny are liable to be bad for property values – hence the interest of the Geneva police, in the world’s best disguised fascist state.
I wonder in I can interest Occupy and the human rights groups in an annual summer camp for activists at Cologny? Let’s give the Geneva police some more difficult field of anti-democratic harassment than a small torture victim."

Give this man a CHEER ON!

Let's NAIL THE BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We did tell you:


#BIS Bankster Global BoE Fed #OTB Nuke Fallout #OWS

And by the end of July, even The White Rabbit!  Yes yes!  Even we had worked out the necessary!
BIS BANKSTERS ->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> JAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, yes!

It's TRUE!

These darn Yanks always the problem though you know Europe, they actually think the problem is something called the Fed.

Rather than, it's CONTROLLER.

If you haven't worked it out yet DUMBO; they ENABLE WAR.

Without BIS **GUARANTEEING** transactions, WARS couldn't happen.


I give up, DUMBO; the SWISS BIS!

#BANKSTERS Bank of International Settlements #BIS CROOKS

By January, there was no doubt at all in our minds.


Stop the BIS being able to ENABLE (cross warring party) transactions!

However the number of intermediaries, hey Marc. ;)

The White Rabbit!

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#OTB #Ascension2013 #TRUTH

No Banksters  were harmed in the production of this blog.


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