Tuesday, 5 March 2013

#OpCLEANSWEEP Tory Party Paedo Knowledge *EXPOSED*

Of course, he's not Cameron, but CaMORON; placeman for the BANKSTERS, heir to a BANKSTERS fortume, Public Schoolboy TWAT, who actually believes he's a free-marketer (when there's profits to be made for his buddies (AND FAMILY FORTUNE?).

Of course, when it comes to his INCOMPETENT, CRIMINAL BUDDIES, and their CRIMES being uncovered, in steps Mr Freemarket, to MAKE YOU, the SLAVES, pay.  Banksters get BILLIONS, you get to work for a LORD for FREE for SIX MONTHS, if you're LUCKY, and it's simply not the STREET, for the SLAVES, are NOT WANTED in BANKSTERS BRITAIN, except when it comes to paying the BOLLINGER BILLS of the CITY CRIMINALS, right!

Freemarkets, CONservative CaMORON style.  And now, already SUSPENDED on Twitter due to the CRIMINAL PAEDOS (check out our profile now, you'll see one of them, we think the INSTIGATOR GLOATING, right now, at your STUPIDITY in not writing to Twitter to DEMAND Twitter investigates and concludes the PAEDORING is SHUTTING DOWN the accounts that have attacked (perfectly lawfully, in my case, I might add, THROUGH THE PEN), the CRIMINAL GLOBAL CHILD-TRAFFICKING NETWORKS ...

Roseanne Barr, US Presidential Candiate 2012 has done her bit; HAVE YOUR DONE YOURS?

Or are you going to SIT THEIR, like SLAVES, and WATCH IT HAPPEN?  The Paedos WINNING, because YOU PERSONALLY can't be arsed to take 5 minute to write to Twitter in support of our cause.  The choice is yours (and we will abide by it).  U want your slavery, fine, we're go off and get rich; FLEECING YOU, because you'l DESERVE IT SLAVES.  If you can't step up to the plate to protect your CHILDREN from RAPISTS, you don't deserve ....

Of course, if you're reading this, that's more than the vast majority of SLAVE BRITS on SLAVE mobile phone networks.  If the government can't CENSOR THE PAEDO TORY TRUTH off the Net by legislation, they'll do it via the backdoor, like (oh how so ironic) this!

OPEN RIGHTS GROUP (UK EFF, but a poor comparison; no time to explain) MOBILE PHONE CENSORSHIP SITE, CENSORED (by BT in this case, we think).  Naughty, naughty, naughty.  Not only are you NOT allowed to have UNRESTRICTED NET ACCESS (you have to prove your identity first!) but you're NOT ALLOWED TO FIND OUT ABOUT THAT, either; SLAVES!

Proof of the Google censorship of the Open Rights Group Mobile Networks Censorship Intel!

The White Rabbit!

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#OTB #Ascension2013 #TRUTH
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