Tuesday, 5 March 2013

#HSBC Huge Drugs & 911 Terror Profits #LAUNDERING

We thought a bit of rewriting might be in order:  a few cross-outs, and additions (latter in red, per the previous two).

"Stuart Gulliver, chief executive Mafia Don of HSBC, said the bank, which on Monday reported a pre-tax profit of $20.6bn (£13.7bn), had been given permission to increase its dividend by regulators after convincing them the bank had a large enough buffer to weather any new financial crisis.  Having expanded yet more into the Mexican Drugs Cartel subsidiaries business, now it has free reign and a State backed non-prosecution policy, and thus all employees, can dive right into bringing in MOR MOR MOR COCAINE LAUNDERING PROFITS, and MOR MOR MOR TERROR PROFITS into the City of London.  GREAT NEWS for COKEHEAD CHANCELLOR Osbourne (who was heard to mutter to his nutter; No probs, guv, just drop me a bag off on the way over - no no, not money you IDIOT, COCAINE!

The bank said it would now increase its dividend for 2012 by 10pc to 45 cents, which will see the lender pay out $8.3bn to its 220,000 shareholders, which include most of the UK’s largest pension funds and fund managers thus ensuring ALMOST EVERY PENSIONER IN BRITAIN BECOMES A CRIMINAL, and has their PENSION subject to SEIZURE, because it's COCAINE and HEROIN LAUNDERING PROFITS. On top of this, the bank said it would increase its first three quarterly interim dividends for this year by 11pc to 10 cents per share.  Because now it knows there's NO PROSECUTIONS FOR COCAINE CARTEL LAUNDERING in LONDON, it's BOOM BOOM BOOM time for HSBC COCAINE LAUNDERING TRADE!!

Mr Gulliver said the cash distribution was only possible because Britain’s banking regulator was “comfortable” with the bank’s RAMPANT GLOBAL COCAINE LAUNDERING BUSINESS leading to a HUGE HUGE HUGE PILES OF DIRTY CASH BEING LAUNDERED THROUGH THE UK PENSIONS SYSTEM and a NICE NEAT TIDY financial position and that he wanted to put “clear water” between HSBC and other lenders.  Clear, COCAINE PROFITS water. ;) 

“Over the last three or four years we’ve kind of slipped back into the pack. Now we’re re-establishing the clear water between HSBC and other banks in terms of being incredibly well capitalised,” he said."  "It's simply AMAZING what BUYING the REGULATOR can do for CRIMINAL ENTERPRISES, and I suggest every last CARTEL on planet earth makes a BEATING for OUR DOOR, because now we've BOUGHT BRITAIN's CRIMINAL POLITICIANS, and we've BOUGHT THE REGULATOR TOO, it's MOR MOR MOR GENOCIDE PROFITS, because we just don't give a FUCK about the FORTY THOUSAND DEAD MEXICANS, our laundering operations keep MURDERING EACH YEAR.  And neither does COMPANIES HOUSE, THE FINANCIAL SERVICES AUTHORITY, PARLIAMENTARIANS (they LOVE our dividends, which they all get), etc, etc, etc!

Not happy with our GLOBAL LAUNDERING BUSINESS in YOUR COUNTRY, no problems, we're going to FUCK OFF ANYWAY, just the moment we can!  SUCKERS!"

Truth out of a BANKSTER; you've GOT to be joking.

It's going to be FUN FUN FUN, taking ALL those DIVIDENDS back off the SHAREHOLDERS though hey, and getting them CHARGED and EXTRADITED to MEXICO  to stand trial.


The White Rabbit!

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