Saturday, 23 March 2013


Screenshots, one for Twitter support, the other, for Support,  per this exchange on GOLD PRICE SUPPRESSION using TECHNICAL MEANS on the WEB! ;)  You know, PROOF of the SCUMBAG CRIMINALS, DESTROYING YOUR LIFE!

We agree by the way it's YOUR FAULT DUMBO! Get with the PROGRAM! Get taking down the NAZIS! First one in overnight BTW:


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For Twitter Technical Support (no ticket filed; just a FYI).

Support, unless some new code of yours, do note the seemingly translucent OVERLAY shown (notice the different edging) on this SCREENSHOT taken moments ago (it's hard to catch because it needs to display slightly off-centered, per this one, to be seen AT ALL).   If this isn't yours, it's someone else's ... ;)   If what I am trying to describe cannot be seen, believe me, it can (just) be seen, this end, but it's a clever hack, if it is one, because the translucent overlay, of course, cannot be seen ... Tricky, sticky wicket. lol!



You wanted to see a pic of what I see; here you go: easy 1, 2, 3!


Note the neat, entirely missing top banner ad! ;) Clearly shown to be YOUR banner ad, by the "Buy Gold" placement!



Note; the PLACEHOLDER (right side), shows FOUR placeholders; the TOP one is for RSS (working), the SECOND DOWN is MISSING a BANNER ENTIRELY, this is YOUR BANNER lol ;) Naughty, hey!!  Want to see what we see on the LEFT SIDE of our site:

There you go, TWO missing GOLDMONEY banner ads.

We've tested mucho, we still believe this incredibly NEFARIOUS CRIMINAL PLAN, is NOT being NOTICED, by most publishers, who no doubt, simply DO NOT PROMOTE your MOST EXCELLENT SERVICES, in consequence of thinking you are incompetent, rather than TPBT, INSANE! 

It is rather clever to show the ads to site visitors, but NOT the publisher, who then GIVES UP on your affiliate program.  Other publishers, that would be. ;)

We, we The White Rabbit!  We simply LOVE DOXING these NAZIS on the line, yes, yes!  It's TRUE!

Onto ...


Yes, yes, we KNOW they simply HATE even the IDEA of BITCOIN, money THEY DON'T CONTROL, and cannot INFLATE and DEFLATE at WILL to ROB The Pet Goat!

We thought they'd be on to that site BIG-TIME, with these CRIMINAL acts, and yes, yes, we're RIGHT ABOUT THAT, too!  PROOF:

Again, note the PLACEHOLDER for the banner ad on the RIGHT, yet, NO BANNER!

Our immediate punishment for publishing these pics; you can see the one from a few hours ago here, then moments after publishing the above, we get this:

 Become Human!

Why don't you meet the Man being RIPPED OFF by these CRIMINALS, James Turk, founder of

Yes, James Turk gets it to the extent the GOLD DOESN'T MOVE, but it's DIGITAL REPRESENTATION, he still doesn't yet get, can be MADE BY ANYONE using ... 

Of course, the person being interviewed, doesn't understand yet either!

Do you?


We're sure James Turk has been studying it, long-time! ;)

The White Rabbit!
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