Tuesday, 5 March 2013

#GERMANY Catholic #Paedo Priests #OpCLEANSWEEP

We alluded to the thought that something was going on, and indeed, put reference to the (german Language) late night video that could be watched on the subject. We (finally) had some time to go digging, and look what popped up, all the way over the pond, in the United States!

"German Priests Carried Out Sexual Abuse for Years

By MELISSA EDDYPublished: January 18, 2013

BERLIN — A report about child sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic Churchin Germany,based on victim accounts and released by the church this week, showed that 
priests carefully planned their assaults and frequently abused the same children repeatedly for years.

The report, compiled from information collected from victims and other witnesses who called a hot line run by the church from 2010 until the end of last year, includes the ages of the victims, the locations of the assaults and the repercussions they have suffered since. The accounts were provided in 8,500 calls to the hot line; they are not representative of abuse cases over all and cannot be individually verified. The church said the report contained information from 1,824 people, of whom 1,165 described themselves as victims.

Germany’s bishops have vowed a thorough and impartial investigation into the abuse. Bishop Stephan Ackermann of Trier, who is looking into abuse cases for the German Bishops’ Conference, told reporters after the report was released on Thursday that it served as an example of that intention.

I found particularly devastating the perpetrators’ lies to their under-aged victims that their actions were an expression of a loving bond with God,” he said Thursday. Claudia Adams, who said she was assaulted as a child in a preschool run by the church in a village near Trier, works through her trauma by blogging about the abuse scandal. The priest who abused her “told me that I was now ‘closer to God,’ ” she said in a telephone interview on Friday from her home near Trier.

The church’s credibility regarding its commitment to an impartial investigation suffered a fresh blow last week when the 
bishops canceled an independent study into the abuse scandal amid allegations by the independent investigator, Christian Pfeiffer, that the church was censoring information."


If you still don't believe this is a GLOBAL PHENOMENON, and INCLUDES the US MILITARY, as well as VATICAN CITY, you need Kay Griggs, she TELLS ALL about the CATHOLIC VATICAN PAEDO-PRIESTS CONNECTION TO CHILD RAPE by the AMERICAN MILITARY in ITALY; Naples, specifically.

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