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"PAEDOPHILES in high places

Operation Ore is a British police that investigated thousands of subscribers to an American Paedophile website named Landslide. The FBI busted the owners of the website and closed them down. In the process they found the names and addresses of the alleged customers from all over the world.
Amongst the list were also thousands of British customers who were picked up and questioned by Operation Ore. Some admitted their crime, others tried to weasel out of it and their was a complication too. The website, it is alleged, was also involved in credit card fraud on a massive scale. The “fraud on a massive scale” claim might be part of the cover up, however.
It is true that some of the credit card transactions were fraudulent leading to some people being wrongly accused. It is a matter of record that people finding themselves in this situation were eventually released from the investigation.

A much more likely reason for the “fraud on a massive scale” claim was to cover up of the “massive scale” of paedophiles in high places. Tony Blair applied D-notices* to the press preventing them publishing names of paedophiles in his government who were not only involved in the possession and distribution of child pornography but were involved in paedophile rings. It was the same in the Bush administration and he also covered it up.
Thousands of kids have been raped, tortured and murdered by these perverts and Operation Ore has the names of politicians, churchmen, senior civil servants, top policemen and military officers who abused kids or watched the filthy films and masterbated while gawking at perverted images.
Those privileged perves need exposing, charging and jailing. So TAKE ACTION like I did. Write to your MP direct to the Houses of Parliament or by using this website,
Here’s a template for you, just put your own name and personalise it if you want to."

Dare you?

Before they COME FOR RABBIT!

"Today marks the 413th anniversary of the death of the Italian Renaissance philosopher Giordano Bruno. Most of us associate the initiation of modern cosmology with Nicolaus Copernicus (the first to convincingly place the Sun instead of the Earth at the centre of things) and Galileo Galilei (whose ground-breaking astronomical work put the Copernican perspective on solid footing). Bruno, a contemporary of Galileo, is less well-recognized, but for many reasons deserves our close attention. He contributed less to the important mathematical and astronomical underpinnings of modern science, but his powerful imagination and heretical religious sensibilities, blossoming at this crucial juncture when science and religion began their bitter divorce proceedings, have much to teach us.

Born in 1548 in Nola, near Naples, at the age of 17 Bruno became a Dominican friar, and early on developed a fascination with mnemonic techniques and controversial theology. When suspicions at the monastery got too much, he fled. For the next 16 years – the rest of his free life – he wandered Italy and Europe, occasionally attempting a return to the Catholic fold, and impressing the rich and powerful with his prodigious feats of memory. He visited France, Switzerland, England and Germany, associating with figures such as King Henry III of France and Sir Philip Sydney.

Living, of course, in the thick of the religious and political tensions of the Protestant Reformation, Bruno’s traversal of the geographical fault lines of this divide found him directly confronting the realities of his time. More than once he fled cities in the wake of religious violence; frequently he was ousted by ecclesiastical authorities, both Protestant and Catholic. Mistakenly believing himself safe in Italy, he returned there in 1591. Denounced by a disgruntled patron, he was arrested by the Venetian Inquisition, then imprisoned in Rome for the next 7 years during his protracted trial for blasphemy and heresy.

What was Bruno charged with? Due to lost records, we do not know exactly. Of course, his support for Copernicus was a factor (though probably not an important one). Persistent rumours of sorcery certainly did him no favours. But most important were his wider cosmological notions, and the theology that underpinned them. Copernicus, though radical in proposing the Sun as the centre of the universe, still held to the idea that the universe was finite, delimited by the fixed ‘sphere of the stars’. Following Nicholas of Cusa, Bruno believed that because God is infinite, it must follow that his creation is infinite, too. Further, Bruno was the first to posit the idea that the infinite stars were in fact suns like our own, orbited by planets like our own (SETI have a Giordano Bruno memorial award).

Bruno was more a visionary than an astronomer, though. Heavily influenced by Hermetic and Neoplatonist ideas, for him the Copernican model was as much a hieroglyph as a description, a sacred emblem of the structure of the infinite solar systems we see strewn across the night sky. His belief that the Earth moved was fuelled by his belief that the planet, “our perpetual nurse and mother”, was alive. Indeed, he believed God to be immanent throughout His creation, not cut off in some remote heaven."


They SHOOT and even STUFF us sometimes, you know.


We did warn you:
SUNDAY, 28 OCTOBER 2012; and yes, yes, we4 did:  #BELGIUM DUTROUX CHILD RAPE & SNUFF #DEMMINK #DUTCH #Savile #BBC #Hague



When top law officers ON BOTH SIDES OF THE CHANNEL seem INCAPABLE of ARRESTING LAWYERS for whom there is COPIOUS QUANTIES of HIGH QUALITY EVIDENCE upon which to CONVICT, you must, but MUST DIG DEEPER down the HOLE!


Do forgive the unintended pun ... .Dark Subjects ...

And all that before you even get to:

The White Rabbit!

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