Thursday, 14 February 2013

#FEMINISM One Billion Rising - Just Don't Mention #MEN

Undoubtedly ending violence against women, is a desirable thing.  Once again however, we see the Feminist movement excluding violence against men, from it's agenda. Some would say of course they would, and should, for they are FEMINISTS, but when a full 17% of domestic violence is meted out by women against men, but (I personally checked this a number of years ago), not ONCE, in UK legal history, has an injunction been successfully taken out by a man, to stop violence against him, by his partner; as far as law is concerned, it doesn't exist.  Likewise, despite there being many refusges for women fleeing from domestic violence, there was either none, or one, in the entire UK, when I checked; this was a number of years ago now, but I doubt much has changed.  

Therefore, unlike the Home Secretary (perhaps too busy banning journalists exposing child sexual abuse in Jersey from entry into the UK (a decision just reversed, only after huge public outcry, including or led by this site)), or perhaps too busy pocketing the 15 trillion washed through the UK by the NAZI Department of Homeland Security; who knows when CaMORON the WASHINGTON-SYRIA CHEMICAL WEAPONS ATTACK  (and some would say ILLEGAL NUKE DEALER) cover-up artist, and arch enemy of all HONEST Brits, is in power.  Oh I give up; no doubt to get a hammering for daring to mention MEN not WOMEN, are MUCH MORE LIKELY to be VICTIM of VIOLENT ATTACK, on the streets ....

If only the women, would understand the REAL MEN, are just as unhappy about VIOLENCE IN SOCIETY, as they are.  Only difference is, we support their right to live VIOLENCE FREE LIVES; do they, really, support MEN's RIGHT to live a life FREE FROM VIOLENCE.  We hope, just once, somewhere today, one brave Feminist takes the two seconds, to mention some of these facts.

"One Billion Rising global action to reclaim Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is about romance and roses for many. But this year it will also see flash mobs and protests around the world to raise awareness of violence against women. Will it make a difference?

One in three women in the world - one billion in total - arevictims of violence at some point in their lifetime.

It is a shocking statistic, and one that prompted the One Billion Rising (OBR) campaign. The global movement is spearheaded by the V Day charity, started by playwright and campaigner Eve Ensler of Vagina Monologues fame.

New Zealand will kick-start the campaign, as the first country to awaken on 14 February, followed by mass rallies of an estimated 20 million people in India and Bangladesh (see below for the global timeline of events). Ms Ensler herself will be in the Democratic Republic of Congo with survivors of gendered violence and almost 200 countries are expected to take part.

However here in the UK, politicians and activists have decided to focus the campaign on changing sex education to teach young people about relationship dynamics - what is appropriate, and what is abuse. And while celebrity support, from the likes of Thandie Newton, has driven the campaign, its focus on Thursday will be a vote in the House of Commons on sex education.

A cross-party group including Labour MP Stella Creasy (pictured above) and Conservative MP Amber Rudd is leading the debate and MPs will vote on putting "zero tolerance approach to violence and abuse in relationships" on the curriculum.

Events across the world will be live streamed here.

Education about relationships - for boys as well as girls - became the chosen topic after the issue kept arising in workshops with children and parents, Ms Creasy told Channel 4 News. Crime experts as well as women's charities are adamant that teaching young people about healthy relationships and nurturing healthy attitudes towards sex is without a doubt the best way to prevent violence against women.

But will making a song and a dance about violence against women really gain enough momentum to force parliamentary change? After all, Home Secretary Theresa May has said she won't even be present at the debate and no male MPs will attend either."

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