Thursday, 3 January 2013

#WEAPONS Semi-Automatic -v- Fully Automatic #FireArms #DEFENCE

"Very good job... one of the few law enforcement officers who actually stand behind the 2nd Amendment and their oath of office"

REAL Assault Rifles vs Gun Grabber Myths

"Intellectual Ammunition for the Anti-Gun BS that creeps out of the sewer every election cycle. While I believe the term "Assault" is an action, and NOT a description of an inanimate object, this video deals with the hard definition of the term "Assault Weapon" (ie a select fire weapon...) in an attempt to unmask those who wish to demonize semiautomatic firearms by purposely misleading others into believing they are talking about machine guns. Well, we know their lies and expose their playbook here. Hopefully we can reach enough people so the next time they bring it up they are laughed at instead of listened to."

The White Rabbit!

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