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#UK Why is Coke-Head George Osborne Still Chancellor? #CRIMINALS

This is a story, known to many in the United Kingdom Theifdom, but we suspect, not at all known outside of the United Theifdom.  With the kind permission to reprint in full, we thought we'd englighten on GIDEON OSBOURNE (wanna be Bankster; but unlike CaMORON, who stands to inherit a small fortune, Gideon, like the Insane Bald Dwarf, simply doesn't cut the mustard, with the right level of criminal gains, to make it into the Bullingdon Club as an equal ... You see, he was apparently always taken the piss out of by his richer Tory Twat friends ... Chip on the shoulder, old boy?

"Why is Coke-Head George Osborne Still Chancellor?

Originally this exposure of Chancellor George Osborne’s past drug use was published on TheDuckShoot blog on May 9, 2012. By the end of May it was hacked and taken down by a hacker. I put it back and this time he/they corrupted the link to an image of his poncy face. I fixed that, only to have the whole site hacked in October. I have expanded the post and reinstated the image and video so everyone can see the face of this corrupt politico.

The Chancellor George “Coke-Head” Osborne story

In a front page story in, the now defunct, News of the World and a video by The Norwich Experience Natalie Rowe, a former escort girl, spills the beans on the UK Chancellor’s cocaine habit. OK he wasn’t the Chancellor at the time, but how comes he is Chancellor now? How did he cover it up? Now that it public knowledge why is coke-head George Osborne still Chancellor of the Exchequer? Why indeed is he still a Member of Parliament?

He broke the law (at least twice)

Has he been investigated by the police? What action has the Parliamentary Standards Committee taken? Are we going to see convictions for cocaine use rescinded? Will the police, from this day forth, be told to cease arresting those in possession of cocaine? Not a chance! Acts of Parliament (they call laws*1) do not apply to the corrupt elite.

The numerous statutes passed by Parliament are designed to increase the power of the agents of force and their masters, and every act passed reduces the rights of obedient citizens. Disobedient inhabitants are not affected, because we know that 
existing world order is a sham 
and does not have to be obeyed.

Osborne is one of those who designs and passes Acts of Parliament. Like most of the hypocritical, corrupt elite he has no qualms about breaking them. I am not suggesting he still snorts cocaine, I have no evidence of that, but he is a 
train fare dodger as well so his conduct is open to question.

Only the elite can get away with these crimes working-class people get harassed by the police all the time for smoking pot (is that what it is still called?), dodging a £2 bus fare (see photo) and many other minor infringements. Coke Head got away with snorting cocaine and attempting to dodge a £160 train fare. Wanker!

We simply LOVE it, when we come across another blogger, willing to BLOG TRUTH!  Why don't you give this lovely fella a nice follow? @theduckshoot 

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