Monday, 14 January 2013

#SANDYHOOK Conspiracy Goes Mainstream #CNN #CIA

We did it; they can NO LONGER IGNORE THE FACT THAT WE KNOW REALITY.  Well done to EVERYONE who has played there part; you're ALL STARS OF THIS SHOW! :)  Remember, it doesn't even matter what the ccverage is; the fact is, we FORCED them to COVER REALITY!

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  1. Thank you Professor for telling us to wake up and think for ourselves. Everyone should ask themselves, "What might the agenda be for this event to happen?" "It's imperative that Americans be disarmed for a New World Order take over, is it now?" "How easily could these "lone-gun" shootings be staged using CIA MKUltra mind-controlled scapegoats?" (See Congressional Hearings by Senator Frank Church for proof regarding CIA MKUltra mind control. How much further has this nefarious agenda advanced?).

    Media has programmed the public to believe many lies. We, the people, should wake up and question everything that we see or hear coming from our entertainment-type news broadcasting. Truth doesn't always sell as well as slants paid for by those elite who own the media!
    Hoorah for the PROFESSOR who expressed his opinion that we should question everything that comes across the controlled media! It is a FACT that much has happened to disarm America, which takes away our 2nd Amendment. The right to bear arms has helped to keep us FREE! Although, historically tyrannical leaders have proved Gun Control works, such as, Hitler, etc. The New World Order agenda by our government leaders and the controlled media commentators/actors/actresses continues with the easily-duped Americans. How many more lives have to be sacrificed in order to get the "Gun Control Agenda" passed by our UN American government leaders?
    Shame on you Cooper for your "Gun Control Agenda" by slandering someone who merely states we need to wake up and THINK for ourselves without believing every lie that comes across the television set. Why was there more than one shooter, as reported by several witnesses? Why did so many lies come forth before everyone got their story straight? Americans need to question every "lone gun shooter" story used to enact gun control! What commonalities do the fathers of both "lone-gun shooters" on MIND ALTERING PSYCH PRESCRIPTION DRUGS HAVE IN COMMON? Libor ring any bells? Do the research! We can only truth the media that is not controlled by the wealthy elite and even then we need discernment. Thank you Professor for stating that we need to think for ourselves since the American public is so easily duped... We can all remember the John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy's assassin. Now evidence is coming forth by author Bill Pepper how the American public was so easily duped into believing the FABLE of a "lone-gun" shooter! Read his book! The same fate of lies told to us by the media continues!


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