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"Links between UK Paedophile Information Exchange & Netherlands #Fernbridge #Demmink   

1. UK PIE members were prosecuted in late 70s/Early 80s and closed in 1984. Similar Dutch paedophile group Martijn started in 1982. It is probable that UK paedophiles moved to the Netherlands to avoid prosecution in the UK.

2. Leaked documents indicate that suspects involved in alleged child abuse at Elm Guest House, currently being investigated by Operation Fernbridge, were involved in running Spartacus Publishing in Amsterdam. Spartacus published paedophile magazine Pan.

3. Leaked documents also indicate that suspects involved in alleged child abuse at Elm Guest House took regular trips to the Netherlands.

4. Dutch paedophile Dr. Edward Brongersma was a regular contributor to PAN magazine and also a member of PIE.

5. PAN magazine encouraged paedophiles to take advantage of Dutch law regarding runaway children, and highlights the number of runaway immigrant children in Rotterdam. "With an increased foreign population in The Netherlands -- and children growing up in this country feeling at least as much Dutch as, say, Moroccan or Turkish -- there is a growing problem of boys and girls who, torn between two cultures, run away from home and do not wish to return. In a country like France this wouldn't cause difficulties, since anyone who houses a run-away youngster, for any reason, can be thrown in jail, but in Holland, according to Rotterdam Chief Police Inspector J. Hollebrand, it is not the practice of the police or the child protection authorities to force a youngster to return home against his will. In 1979 193 foreign children ran away from their parents; last year the figure had risen to 277. During the same period a very much smaller percentage of Dutch children fled from their families." Source: text only copy of Pan, 1981.

6. PIE member Michael Dagnall was forced to resign from his teaching job in the Hague after his UK paedophilia conviction. Source: text only copy of Pan, 1981.

7. PIE member Sir Peter Hayman was a senior diplomat who was able to smuggle illegal material without fear of detection. It is highly probable that he visited the Netherlands as he was stationed in Germany, and would have known politicians and establishment figures.

8. PIE member Charles Napier set up and ran a school in Turkey after being banned from teaching in the UK. Turkey is a favourite destination of a certain Dutch paedophile. Source, text only copy of Pan, 1981.

9. PIE member Steven Adrian (aka Steven Smith) moved to the Netherlands in 1982 to avoid prosecution for paedophilia offences in the UK.,2889704 "


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Home Office Employee Ran Paedophile Ring #fernbridge

by msjenniferjames @ 2013-01-19 – 19:47:20

The ‘driving force’ behind a paedophile group ran the organisation from the Home Office, according to a recently-discovered, archived newspaper article.
During a 1984 sexual offences case, an Old Bailey court heard that a security guard collated and distributed paedophilic material while working at the heart of government.
The Home Office employee, Steven Adrian Smith, then 29, also used his work telephone number to organise group meetings.
Discovery of the Glasgow Herald piece, from November 1984, reveals a court case against executives of a group called PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange).
Smith was the chairperson of PIE, using the name Steven Adrian, between 1979 and 1985. The other two most active members at the time were Peter Bremner, then 44, an electrician; and David Joy, a former teacher, then 43.
Bremner and Joy were charged with incitement to commit sexual offences against children, and sending an obscene article through the post.
They were found not guilty of the first charge but guilty of the second.
Steven Adrian Smith was to face similar charges at the same time but "


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