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>> MURDERS @ #BohmemianGrove 3 *WITNESSES**

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Published on Nov 10, 2012

Peter Alexander Chernoff explains more about his witness of Sacrifice at Bohemian Grove. Anthony Hiilder calls for a "Dig" on the property with ground penetrating sensors to see what remains are there. The Grounds are a Retreat for the Influential, Rich, Powerful and Secretive .... the modern day HellFire club of old London.

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Eye Witness to Murder at Bohemian Grove. Papa Ratzinger Named as participant in child sacrificem

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TheMothman717 1 day ago

Plenty of Jewish names there.
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migfoxbat 1 day ago

Yes like the Rothschild's, but no need to throw the baby out with the bathwater!
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TheMothman717 22 hours ago

Well, it certainly is a strange religion that they have that still authorizes human sacrifice, and their Talmud and Torah do say that the Gentiles should all be exterminated, as in the Talmud; "Even the best of Gentiles should all be killed". Great folks, surely? Check out the factual history of the blood libels, those child killings really go on, like black magic sacrifices of Christian children the same way they kill chickens every year after making them absorb all their bad karma, really dark
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migfoxbat 14 hours ago

Jesus told us about the Jews that lie and are of the synagogue of satan!. The Talmud is the "Most" blasphemous writings against Christ, and the Kabballah the highest level of Jewish witchcraft, more than likely given from the fallen angels, and its what we keep seeing people like Madonna and Lady Gaga practicing in these rituals. You need to understand that the Jews were blinded for rejecting the Messiah, but eyes will be opened in due time. Biblical balance is needed!

God bless
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TheMothman717 6 hours ago

Sorry to have to say this, though I know you are very well-meaning. Check out the 1781 speech about General Cornwallis where it was stated that the Christian and other religions in the US would be controlled by Jews so that everyone would serve the Judaic Freemasonic royal family, and the British Empire, without ever being aware of it. The 'USA' is is fact only a British company name in law, it being used to build the Judaic NWO. Why do you think the US has so many army bases in the world?
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migfoxbat 2 hours ago

As far as i know, the Nazi's are still running it, from the "Temple Crown" in London which the "Vatican" owns. Yes i know about the "Dauphin" and the "Virginia Company" getting all US assets signed over to the "Crown". It takes some serious research to understand the difference between God's people "Jews" and the "Zionist Jews" or today's "Pharisees". The bible says 2/3 of Jews will be wiped out, but i am guessing they are the ones who remain blinded to Jesus being God and the 1/3 (144,000)
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1316wmed 2 months ago

Secret societies have clubs. Rituals were in Moses day. Jesus came to release the hand of Molech from human beings if only they believe on his name which God has ordained . Jesus Christ is above all other names. He is Lord of lords king of kings. Jesus revealed through the scriptures the duality between man and foe. The prince of the invisible,l Satan ruler of this world lures all of mankind in this spiritual thought of cunningness and thought deathness.Seek Him. JESUS

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migfoxbat 2 months ago

Amen, God bless you!

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