Wednesday, 16 January 2013

#FRENCH Berlusconi: Libya's "Revolution" FAKE! #WARCRIMES

It's so inconvenient isn't it, when the MAFIA HEADS of EUROPE fall out.

I'm going to steal it.

No I'M going to steal it.

NO I AM ... etc, etc, etc.

The Politics of THEFT LAID BARE; EU Mafia War Crime States; the wheels come off the OMERTA!!

No wonder the USA just lobbed the missles from afar; didn't want to get tangled up in the French and Italian war planes SHOOTING EACH OTHER down, no doubt!! L:OL

What price, honesty, what price decency, in Europe, once again.  Hello; EUROPOL out there?

Anyone listening?

Anyone care?

Oh yes, of course; TONY BLAIR!

The White Rabbit!

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