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Saturday, 5 January 2013

#BANKSTERS Stacy Herbert Interview #BITCOIN LONDON 2012

Now how interesting, we know all about WHO and WHAT was in Building 7 of the WTC; we know WHY it was brought down in consequence; a controlled demolition (the third tower, they never tell you fell on 911); it contains the PROSECUTION RECORDS for just about every last major crime figure involved in the TWO LARGEST CORPORATE FRAUDS in US (global?) Corporate history; WorldCom-MCI and ENRON; and if you have any interest in any of that, you've going to find Stacy's comments really fascinating when it comes to the back-story to her attempting film-making on Where is Kenny Boy!  

We were going to put this on (it's a interview filmed at Bitcoin London 2012, which we are featuring over on Open-Transactions).  But once we started listening to it, we realised, it's much better placed on Operation Occupy The Banks.  

Fascinating! ... And we're only part way through!

INTERVIEW: Stacy Herbert - Bitcoin Conference 2012

If you still haven't seen the solution to the fiscal crisis; you need this page over on Open-Transactions (and to switch on!). ;)

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