Saturday, 12 January 2013

#BANKSTERS Bank of International Settlements #BIS CROOKS

We told you much earlier in this blogs existence, and especially warned Americans, who seem so unaware, from whence, the Federal Reserves power, truly emanates. We then published the PROOF that the BIS BANKERS, are nothing of the sort, they're BANKSTERS, calling of course, as all BANKSTERS do, for DEBT FORGIVENESS for the BANKS, and YOU TO BE ENSLAVED. We then rounded off, with our now infamous BIS BANKSTERS ->>>>>>>>>>>>> JAIL! Call for the Swiss to sort out their CROOKS, like we're trying so desperately hard to, elsewhere around planet earth. Communism, deep, deep in the heart of Switzerland, who would have thunk it. But it's ALL TRUE! The communist controllers of the 'free' West, want (and indeed of course are), BAILING OUT their BANKSTER CRIMINAL BUDDIES, worldwide; whilst you, me, him and her, get STARVED. Of course, we all know who the Swiss like to bank DURING WORLD WARS; that's right, ALL SIDES!

Need we say more about this CORRUPT BANK OF INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS, that is prepared to do ANYTHING, including BAIL OUT the WORLDS LARGEST CRIMINAL ORGANISATIONS, to keep it's few owners, in charge, at the cost of BILLIONS of humans lives.  You see, GUESS WHO KEEPS TRADE FLOWING THROUGH TIMES OF GLOBAL WAR!! ;)

America, listen up; End the Fed; in Basel, Switzerland.  Simple.

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What, no Human told you????
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