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Bob Chapman, we really miss him, we do ...

Bet we're not the only one's that do.

Max may cover the markets (download Truth In Markets), with a level of honesty needed, but long absent;

but Bob, did geo-political markets TRUTH; cut the bullshit, called the controllers, daily.

The Illuminati ... A random bit of Bob Chapman RIP.

We miss him, we do.  For those unfortunate enouugh never to have heard the man, and for those of you who STARED, when he was alive, but who never really got it, here we go with Bob at his best ... clear, concise: pointedly to the point ...  On precious metals price manipulation.  Also, of note; dynastic thinking ...  More on this soon ...  For now, Bob!

Precious Metals and the Illuminati 

"The big secret that the Illuminati don’t want you to know about is that they are gold-bugs themselves, and are even more fervent about precious metals than you are. They are, of course, closet gold-bugs, hiding their wanton desire for the “barbaric relic” to make it look like it is a cumbersome thing of the past, an ancient curiosity from a bygone era that no longer serves a valid or useful purpose.  They hide their lustful desire for precious metals from the public so that the public remains moribund about owning the King and Crown Prince of currencies, gold and silver.  They don’t want any monkey-see, monkey-do, from their pool of future indentured servants.  Their worst nightmare is that the serf proletariat would come to own thousands of tons of gold and silver bullion like they do.  All their institutions and front companies, like central banks, bullion banks, investment banks and brokerage houses, all de-emphasize investment in precious metals for one reason, to keep it out of the hands of the public.

In the meanwhile, the Illuminati are pilfering gold from their own financial institutions at fire-sale prices like the sales conducted by Gordon Brown, the King of Fire-Sale Gold, when he sold the UK’s national gold at the bottom of the gold market, or by outright pilfering as was done with the gold held in Fort Knox, allegedly by the Rockefellers. American Illuminists have been collecting their gold and silver hoards for over a century, while European Illuminists have been collecting their hoards for many centuries.  All their gold and silver lies in Swiss vaults, or in secret offshore locations.  These hoards serve as their insurance policy if their plans to become masters of the universe should go astray.  In addition, their mounds of gold and silver might be offered as reserves for a new world currency in order to sell that concept to the public, thereby giving control of the world currency to private bankers who would operate outside of government control.  Or there might still be government control, as long as they, the Illuminati, control the world government, of course.

In summary, the Illuminist gold cartel is a conspiracy of outward suppression of precious metals, while inwardly it is one of aggressive acquisition of both gold and silver.  They acquired control over national holdings of gold and silver via the system of central banks around the world, and they have systematically looted their own financial institutions and gold reserves to gain control over what they know is the only real currency recognized as such around the world.

Always remember, if you lose control over your nation’s currency, you lose your sovereignty and become a bond servant to the Illuminati.  As Thomas Jefferson said, central banks are more dangerous than standing armies.  By extrapolation, a single world bank would be dangerous beyond your wildest imagination.
This is why mints around the world have curtailed the amount of gold and silver bullion that is made available to the public.  This also explains why gold and silver, in what can now be termed the “physical black market,” are trading at such hefty premiums to the prices cited in the futures markets. You are being starved of precious metals intentionally and malevolently to hinder you from doing the only thing that will prevent these miscreants from bringing you to your knees financially so they can shove their one-world government down your throat.

They will grudgingly allow you to own paper gold and silver.  The futures markets in precious metals, along with the mints and the new ETF’s, were set up specifically for that purpose.  They knew that the demand for precious metals would grow as they intentionally sabotaged fiat currencies and economies around the world to pave the way for world government.  So they set up all these paper markets as a trap for lazy investors to acquire an interest in precious metals without taking physical possession so that they could retain control of the physical inventories and therefore the price for same.
  ….  consider the cartel’s decades long suppression of precious metals via futures contracts, and also the recent games played with prices for oil and food futures.  We rest our case.  As long as you do not take physical delivery, they will continue to control the physical supplies of gold and silver via leasing and lying, using “smoke and mirrors” and “creative accounting methods” to hide their nefarious dealings, such as those conducted through the Exchange Stabilization Fund, the London Gold Pool, the naked-shorting of shares in the silver ETF and the leasing of ETF gold and silver to cover short positions of the Illuminist commercials in the paper markets such as CRIMEX futures contracts and OTC derivatives contracts.

The Illuminist financial institutions are down to the dregs as far as their physical institutional holdings are concerned, but their shortage is not being sufficiently challenged and exposed quickly enough because physical delivery is not being utilized as extensively as it should be, which allows them to lie about their bullion inventories.  They will not be able to lie anymore when demand outstrips supply and they run out of precious metals in deliverable form to satisfy demands for physical delivery, which is why you should be demanding physical delivery of both gold and silver by the truckload.
The miscreants who run the gold cartel use their control over paper markets, which is enabled by insufficient physical off-take caused by the diversion of hard money capital into paper gold and silver assets (other than resource stocks), to suppress precious metals prices.  This allows the Illuminist Puppet Masters and their henchmen to clean up in the paper markets with all their short positions, which are mostly naked.  These short positions are monopolistic, manipulative and illegal, but regulators like the SEC and CFTC do nothing about them because our regulators are also criminals and are part of the cover up.

The Illuminati also want to control the availability of food, water, weapons and ammunition to the public for exactly the same reason as they control the availability of, and public desire for, gold and silver.  You must take steps immediately to own all of these items, which they are suppressing or are attempting to gain absolute control over.  Otherwise, we suggest that you acquire a large, thick, comfortable pad on which you can drop to your knees to do obeisance to the Illuminati. ... (Continues) ..."


We did tell you:



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So many are so unaware as to the real causes, the real players, in the current 'money crisis', yet until one opens oneself up to the real issues, the real solutions can never be found!  


Educate yourself; educate others!  Info next is crucial - sit tight; pay attention!   We need a revolution in peoples understanding first, remember, for #OTB to succeed! 

LESSON ONE - The Story of your Enslavement - By Stefan Molyneux

If you agree with this video description of the problem, we can move on to lesson two, with ourcommon understanding of the clear description of the historical problem with a commonality, no matter our location or languages - common understanding between peoples on a planetary basis!  But with Lesson Two things get more into current times of the past four centuries or so of how the system of debt-farming started, WHO started it, and WHO CONTROLS IT STILL - right today! ;)  This my friends, is crucial key info without which you cannot understand anything!  Read on into ...


Sometimes a return to the front of the text-book is in order; to prevent ONE WORLD ORDER


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