Wednesday, 14 November 2012

#STEWWEBB Alex Jones; Gunderson; Drake; Fulford #COINTELPRO

As regulars know; we like to present all sides of the debate ... Here goes ... This one is going to be a real interesting one for us, for you see, let us disclose for the first time, we sent by email the translation of the Italian Supreme Court Judge on 911 to Drake's radio Show with a request to ask Drake to put it on his website; of course, you'd think that would be right up his street ... AFAIK, it to this day, was either never received, never passed on, or was, but DRAKE DID NOT PUBLISH THE HONORARY  JUDGE of the ITALIAN SUPREME COURT JUDGE.  That translation is right here; and NAILS THE CIA and FBI as COMPLICIT in the WAR CRIME of 911.  Let's see together; where has Stew Webb got with this stuff.... Promises to be real interesting huh; months ago we got in touch with Stew Webb and asked him to send us something that would allow us to get a handle on him; after we watched the video he sent in reply, we sent an apology through to him for ever having doubted his commitment to removing the dark cabal from power.  Fulford, our thoughts never really have changed from those first published interwoven between his Camelot interview here; privately to a number of our supporters we expressed the opinion that anyone working for and protected by Asian crime mafias, well, obviously, they state who they are really working for, right there (protection always comes with a PRICE TAG, when you are dealing with organised crime).  So let us see! :)  Alex Jones thoughts, by the way, published right here, some time ago now, too!  Deep InfoWars; or Deep Disinfowars; let's find out what Stew Webb thinks right here (always coming from the paradigm of his deeply held Christian beliefs do note); before a reminder to those of you who nhave not yet looked down at the bottom section of our site (yes, we WILL sort out the template one day, hopefully soon); rare we blow our own trumpet so forgive us, here it is:  ""Your site is incredible, so much info, makes Alex Jones look amateur!" @theUKtoday" ;)

Stew Webb outs Cointelpro Agents: Alex Jones, Ted Gunderson, Drake, Benjamin Fulford

One thing we are sure, is that with all that money coming in; and us on USD $25.00 first year donations ... why it is US not ALEX JONES finding and publishing this little Gem?

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