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WOW - we're OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With Tom Watson HERO up in the UK, and with now, the USA, you know, even the FIFTY YEAR BBC PAEDOPHILE COVERUP ever so, well, covered up, by the BBC (who too our knowledge haven't yet even BOTHERED to MENTION the simply MOUNTAINS of CREDIBLE EVIDENCE against The Netherlands TOP LEGAL OFFICER (just retired) ... Heh

No illuminati BBC CONTINUING cover-up CONSPIRACY, of course not; the BBC, they NEVER LIE; in fact, to experts in their study, they are so accurate, they tell you about 'surprises' like BUILDING SEVEN (which was NOT a controlled demolition, oh NO! #Lulz) ... TWENTY WHOLE MINUTES BEFORE IT HIT THE GROUND; let's not forget now; when NO ONE BLEW IT UP. Yes, you see, the BBC, they're THAT accurate .... Just a small matter of NO PLANE HIT THE PENTAGON, and the WAR CRIMES TRIAL of BBC 'Producer' Rubin, otherwise known now on the Net, as GOEBBELS 2 ... Or, in the alternative, the wolds WORST EVER researcher ... I mean, we found the FBI TAPE RELEASED by COURT ORDER, that show NO PLANE HIT THE PENTAGON, yet with ALL THOSE BILLIONS, the BBC, still tells you it's a CONSPIRACY 'THEORY' ... their MANTRA (you know, like TRANCE MIND-CONTROL) .... Yet lo and behold, what DO we have here, except INDISPUTABLE PROOF, indeed:NO PLANE HIT THE PENTAGON ... Yet of course, if you DARED to suggest their is an ILLUMINATI agenda at work in the BBC, no doubt the BBC would simply LOVE to call YOU a CONSPIRACY THEORIST.

Well now then, now then. Mr Rubin ... We simply can't WAIT for your explanation in the HAGUE! :)

"Members of Congress are targeting an international child-trafficking scandal, asking Turkey to provide evidence and seeking a full and “transparent” investigation in the Netherlands over allegations that a top justice officer there has been involved in child rape.

U.S. Rep. Christopher Smith, R-N.J., issued a statehttp://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/1999/feb/21/markhonigsbaum.theobserverment calling the case “shocking and horrible,” but the suspect, Secretary General of the Ministry of Justice Joris Demmink, who apparently has been defended by the U.S. State Department’s Hague office, is facing credible allegations.

He noted the accusations, among others, have been that Demmink raped two Turkish boys, now adults.While Demmink has been accused multiple times, “the investigation into these accusations was suddenly and inexplicably halted, and law-enforcement officials involved were allegedly sworn to secrecy,” Smith said at a recent hearing on the issue of child trafficking.

“The allegations are shocking and horrible, Mr. Demmink has a right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, and that is a sacred right that I’m sure we all want to protect. At the same time, the allegations, when taken in their full context, are credible, and deserve to be properly investigated so that a prosecutor can make a responsible decision whether to proceed with a case against Mr. Demmink. That investigation has never happened – the investigations that have taken place have been a travesty and have done nothing to clear Mr. Demmink’s name. Rather, they have raised further questions,” he said.

The request to Turkey for its evidence comes from Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas. He submitted the request because the allegations are that Demmink assaulted children in Turkey when he traveled there .

“It has come to my attention that Secretary General of the Dutch Ministry of Justice, Mr. Joris Demmink, allegedly made an agreement in the mid-1990s with the government of Turkey to cover up multiple complaints of child sexual abuse filed against him,” said the letter to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

“Investigations into the matter reportedly have found that Turkish police officers provided Mr. Demmink with minor boys during his visits to Turkey in the 1990s. According to law enforcement officers in Turkey and the Netherlands, Mr. Demmink used the power of his position to obstruct efforts to file complaints against him and used investigations as a way to deter his accusers,” the letter said.

An attorney in the Netherlands, Adele van der Plas, is representing several of the men who remember being victimized by Demmink. She told WND today the Netherlands has decided to back Demmink “in spite of all the overwhelming proof.  ... (Continues) ...”



Think this hasn't been going on a long-time; PROTECTED, in other places ... think again:

"Nigel Hare is HIV positive and homosexual. But he does not accept that he is gay, at least not in the genetic sense. Instead he blames his current state on the sexual abuse he suffered in the 1970s at Forde Park, an approved school for boys in south Devon.

'I didn't choose to be gay - I was made that way,' says Hare, who claims that between the ages of 10 and 13 he was subjected to repeated sexual and physical abuse at the school. 'By the time I left Forde Park in 1975 it was the only way I knew how to be.'

For the past 18 months Devon and Cornwall police have been investigating multiple allegations of physical and sexual abuse at the Home Office-run school in Newton Abbot, which closed in 1985. The allegations, being brought by a group of 40 self-styled survivors, suggest that for 25 years Forde Park harboured a particularly sadistic paedophile ring.

But despite the fact that the identities and whereabouts of the alleged paedophiles are well-known, police have yet to make any arrests, fuelling claims that they are not treating the allegations seriously.

'The pursuit of these people cannot be allowed to fade away,' says Alan Duncan, the Conservative Shadow Health Minister. 'A number of former pupils now independently corroborate the same story. The police should get on with it and make arrests.'

So far, survivors have named some former members of staff, but the key allegations revolve around a group of six men. One, Stuart Brooker, the school's former odd-job man, was convicted of a series of sex offences at Exeter Crown Court in 1990. After leaving Forde Park, Brooker joined a council-run home in south Devon. Survivors claim that other alleged paedophiles went on to jobs at schools in Exeter and Bristol, leading to fears that their victims could include boys in care throughout south-west England.

But despite reporting the abuse to social workers at the time, survivors say there is no record of the complaints in their social service files. ... (Continues) ..."


http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/1999/feb/21/markhonigsbaum.theobserverThe White Rabbit!


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