Friday, 2 November 2012


The INSANE BALD DWARF - LOOSE IN LONDON; gets crazier by the MINUTE! Already world-infamously certifiable for seeking to INVADE Foreign soils in London, now we find out no less that the INSANE BALD DWARF STUFFS SNUFFED SNAKES! ...

You know us; we NEVER LIE! <gg>  Unlike POLITICIANS; embassy invaders (don't mention Dr Kelly, hey! Nor DAVISON!)

Over to the redoubtable 'up-market' blogosphere ... u know, the sorts of places we rarely inhabit .... The news there rarely being worth reading, mainstream stuff, but you know SNUFF; well now .,.. SNUFFED SNAKES, The White Rabbit! .... Will do ANYTHING to bring TRUTH to the world of SNUFF, so off we went, digging, deep, deep, deep into the nether regions of nothing .... Surely with such an INSANE character as the INSANE BALD DWARF, we could sniff out a story before it got SNUFFED, and sure enough, just in the nick of time!!

INSANE BALD DWARF STUFFS SNUFFED SNAKE .... there is was! A very expensive cadaver endeavor (there again, isn't ALL of this stuff, very, very expensive, for it's NOW CLEAR BEYOND DISPUTE; if the very foreign secretary seeks SNUFFED SNAKES, surely, something should be DONE!

We dug deeper still ... You see, not just ANY snake, NECROPHILIA; AGED, PREVIOUSLY DEAD SNUFFED SNAKES, no less .... someone had beaten this particular SNUFFED SNAKE LOVING INSANE BALD DWARF to it before: SLOPPY SECONDS SNUFFED SNAKE, no less! He always did have a problem as he didn't get to Eton you see ... So SNUFFED SLOPPY SECONDS SNAKE, it was! All for the very reasonable (as of course, British-Taxpayers are footing the bill); TEN THOUSAND POUNDS!!!!!!

We know you; SNUFFED SNAKES .... this one, you've gotta investigate; for with the INSANE BALD DWARF, you know and I know; laughs are NEVER FAR AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now with the country in crisis, the pedos IN Government (we're not mentioning any names; we ARE publishing names others have published, however, strictly in the public interest of keeping them out of your child's back passage) ...

Demmink and Dutroux Snuff, oh the horrors now Jim can't FIX IT any Mor!

INow then now then; NSANE BALD DWARF .... STUFFS SNUFFED SNAKE £10,000 TAXPAYERS FUNDS; and we only got sloppy seconds ....

Big SNAKE; little guy; u with me ;) 

heh ... Seems like a very expensive way (for you), for him to prove he's got a big one! ;)

The White Rabbit!

#InsaneBaldDwarfRabbit  Don't forget, we have SOLUTIONS #HAHA2012 - Specifically developed with INSANE BALD DWARFISM killing Powa (if you didn't know!). HOORAY!!

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