Tuesday, 13 November 2012


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How wonderful the New World Order:  what we awoke to when we logged into Twitter.

We would like to ask regulars; how many other sites out there do you know suffer this level of (illegal) harassment 24/7/365? Do the 'channeling' websites? Do those publishing lists of those 'insiders fleeing'; do those covering 'finance' (without covering black finance, as we do). Personally, I'd love to hear of one, but so far, in over a year of publishing, I don't know of one. Form your own conclusions as to whether those sites with millions of hits, and no harassment are really telling you something the powers that be don't want you to know, or whether we are, have been, but may not be able to continue to do ... As you can see:

Human, you're simply not taking the issue of having your Internet stolen from you, seriously enough.  What The White Rabbit gets today, is heading your way tomorrow.  

Don't believe me ... Take it from The Australian:

"AN unfettered internet, free of political control and available to everyone could be relegated to cyber-history under a contentious proposal by a little known United Nations body.

Experts claim that Australians could see political and religious websites disappear if the Federal Government backs a plan to hand control over the internet to the UN's International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

A draft of the proposal, formulated in secret and only recently posted on the ITU website for public perusal, reveal that if accepted, the changes would allow government restriction or blocking of information disseminated via the internet and create a global regime of monitoring internet communications - including the demand that those who send and receive information identify themselves.

It would also allow governments to shut down the internet if there is the belief that it may interfere in the internal affairs of other states or that information of a sensitive nature might be shared.

Telecommunications ministers from 193 countries will meet behind closed doors in Dubai next month to discuss the proposal, with Australia's Senator Stephen Conroy among them.

The move has sparked a ferocious, under-the-radar diplomatic war between a powerful bloc of nations, led by China and Russia, who want to exert greater controls on the net and western democracies determined to preserve the free-wheeling, open architecture of the World Wide Web.

The battle for control has also seen a cartel of telco corporations join forces to support amended pricing regulations changes which critics warn will pave the way for significant increases in the cost of day-to-day internet use, including email and social media. ... (Continues) ..."



For those who simply love to read AND BELIEVE those websites pouring out channeling and other (generallly speaking) NONESENSE MIND-CONTROL telling you to SIT AND DO NOTHING, has it never dawned on you THEY MAY BE FRONTS; soporific NONESENSE, for WEAK-WILLING SCARED PEOPLE that CANNOT or WILL NOT TAKE ACTION (maybe that might be because they keep reading stuff that says SOMEONE ELSE is gong to save HUMANity; we say BULLSHIT.  GET OFF YOUR ASSES RIGHT NOW HUMAN; SAVE HUMANITY; no one else is going to.

We hadn't come across George Kavassilas before today, but ironically enough, just as we were having these thoughts, synchronicities:  a man talking directly to these issues of NEW AGE DELUSION; the RE-MIND-PROGRAMMING of and for the elites ... No doubt those that want to we 'see' something in that synchronicity.  Me, The White Rabbit! ... I'd just call it being wired in well THROUGH HARD WORK AND ACTION OVER YEARS.  But that doesn't get some many hits now; REAL REALITY.

Now if you want the mind control; keep reading nonsense.  If you want reality; keep coming back, we'll publish for as long as we can; but it's not looking good for those sites publishing REAL REALITY, rather than the Rockefeller/Rothschild funded modern mind-control programmes:  the new religion, for the newly deluded.

If you want to know why they don't want you up here, here's just one example: do note the date:


Anyway, you go back to reading a channeled ET or some other nonsense; and the Illuminati, will keep fucking your kids, and trafficking them; you know, like we have the Bush-Cheney arrest proof right here on Operation Occupy The Banks .... PROOF OF ARREST ON SUSPICION OF CHILD TRAFFICKING to the UNITED KINGDOM. U missed it did you?



Dealing with real reality isn't so easy ... Minority sport.  Regulars; we love ya! ;)  Keep on keeping on. ;)

The White Rabbit!


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