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What you didn't know about Damn Demmick ... The VERY TOP LAW OFFICER in THE NETHERLANDS, that has simply MOUNTAINS of TOP QUALITY evidence against him, POURING OUT ALL ACROSS THE NET; the PEDO NETWORK PROTECTOR - and TOP GOVERNMENT LAWYER for the COVERING UP OF CHILD SNATCH and (Royal?) SNUFF NETWORKS, we now deeply suspect, for JUST ABOUT EVERYBODY who is ANYBODY (because NO ONE gets this STATE PROTECTED, unless they're owed Favours .... you know, like we covered the SEMANTICS of the DARK CABAL FAVOURS-TRIX Department click here to see how that works.  Now then, now then:  what do we have here but another Damn Demmick Video; oh dear, we thought we'd better get it LIVE RIGHT AWAY, as OBVIOUSLY NO CHILD IS SAFE IN EUROPE with this guy loose!

And you can take that from VERY upon HIGH (Netherlands ex-TOP DOMESTIC SPY! ;) What!  you missed the TWO HOUR EVIDENCE TRANSCRIPT!!?  Only too happy to help! Here:
Maybe you prefer to judge the veracity of the VICTIMS yourself; even happier to oblige regulars:
Somewhere, on this site, we even have the FULL VIDEO TWO HOUR EVIDENCE; buggered, if you forgive the unfortunate turn of phrase, if I can find it right now, but promise, dig hard; it's on site! ;~)

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Still; even though Demmick's still out, that's better than you can be saying for the poor victims in the UK; of what, they're DESPERATELY TRYING HARD not to let us FIND OUT, RIGHT NOW:

Think you're safe in America .... Think Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why don't they stop #OTB telling you this if it's all true? ... They do try; very hard indeed:

It's really, REALLY needed **NOW** ... didn't you know about the GENOCIDE TRAINING??
Nasty stuff, when the earth's atmostphere become the New Gas Chamber of the Neo-NAZIS:
They never did like the SCOTS: ... something about the last war, I guess:

You didn't know about THE PLAN?

Seeking help from the VATICAN ... heh

Maybe the Swiss Army knows something even we don't about all this:

Satanic Ritual Child Sexual Abuse

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PS Vid kindly supplied,  very much unlike Demmink kidly supplies (sic), via comment:
PPS  Don't mention him to the SEALS; bad business <g>


"Published on Oct 28, 2012 by WestCoastAnonymous FreedomFighter

#Op Dutch Pedo Joris Demmink
For more information and tools clink the links below:

Transcript English:
Joris Demmink {born December 11, 1947} has been Secretary-General of the Ministry of Security and Justice in the Netherlands since 2002. During the fall of 1998 an investigation into an Amsterdam brothel linked several political and judicial officials to sexual abuse and trafficking of young boys. A victim of these atrocities indentified Demmink.
Demmink being the (former) Director General of Justice used his influcence to end all investigations of these allegations during that time. This behavior has perpetuated further violence upon children due to intentional cover up by several top officials in the Dutch government.

Since nothing has been done about this a cry has come up from the oppressed. We are here to answer this plea.

Join us in helping bring an international pedophile to justice. If you believe what we believe: That any action large or small has great impact; then you will help us by using our cyber powers.

Knowledge is Power. Knowledge is Free.
We are Anonymous.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
Joris Demmink you should have Expected Us.

Transcript Nederlands:
Joris Demmink {geboren 11 december 1947} is secretaris-generaal van het ministerie van Veiligheid en Justitie in Nederland sinds 2002. Tijdens de herfst van 1998 is een onderzoek naar een Amsterdams bordeel verschillende politieke en gerechtelijke ambtenaren gekoppeld aan seksueel misbruik van en handel in jonge jongens. 1 slachtoffer heeft Demmink geïdentificeerd van deze gruwelijkheden.
Demmink zijnde de (voormalige) directeur-generaal van Justitie gebruikte zijn influcence op alle onderzoeken van deze beschuldigingen te eindigen in die tijd. Dit gedrag is bestendigd verder geweld op kinderen in verband met opzettelijke cover-up door een aantal hoge functionarissen in de Nederlandse overheid.

Omdat niets is gedaan met betrekking tot dit een schreeuw is gekomen van de onderdrukten. We zijn hier om dit middel te beantwoorden.

Join us in het helpen brengen een internationale pedofiel tot de rechter. Als je gelooft wat wij geloven: Dat elke actie groot of klein een grote impact heeft, dan zult u ons helpen door het gebruik van onze cyber bevoegdheden.

Kennis is Macht. Kennis is gratis.
Wij zijn Anonymous.
We niet vergeven.
We vergeten niet.
Joris Demmink moet je kunnen verwachten ons."

Says it all, just in Dutch! LOL 

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  1. We niet vergeven.
    We vergeten niet.
    Joris Demmink moet je kunnen verwachten ons."

    should be;

    We vergeten niet.
    We vergeten niet.
    Joris Demmink je had ons moeten verwachten.


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