Friday, 2 November 2012

#AFGHANISTAN Don't Mention The War #WWII #WW3

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Truth will out; nobody wants to notice; nobody wants to care.  A country (the USA), unable to deal with it's past (like Germany); is unable to face the future.  Lost; all systems (dangerously) running; war, now a permanent way of life of the American economy.  Nobody wants to deal with how they got there; even less, how they get back out of the foxhole.  Now ELEVEN YEARS IN, and thus LONGER THAN World War I and II  put together, dealing with AFGHANISTAN, means dealing with 911.  And America, will NOT want to do that!!

And nobody wants to know the truth : everyone feels uncomfortable with the truth; it's not mentioned in polite company, even by those few that care enough to know.  Because the truth is out there, and it's certainly in the minds of many outside America, looking on in horror; 22 seconds of truth that cannot be ignored, cannot be dealt with; so the lambs continue to go off to slaughter .... And soon, the camps will open at home.  Good for the goose, good for the gander; torture, beatings, 'confessions'.  Medievalism, restored.


The 22 Seconds of Truth that the American Electorate Will Not Watch; Will not ACT on; the purveyors of which, they are just about to elect; no matter the 'Starvation is a good thing for business' Mitt the MAFIA HIT Romney(BAIN - PROOF) nor the Joker, Obama (who ever he really is, we're starting to have our own thoughts about that; uncomfortable, chilling thoughts about that ...) ...

So they no want to mention it ... and neither do you; complict in your silence of the American Way of Life; of GENOCIDE, for fear and profits of the out of control dreadnought, that is now the Super-tanker of the American economy, heading straight for the bottom; a world eagerly watching on in horror, as the Afghans get slaughtered, and the Americans, once such a courageous country, turn themselves into Afghanistan.  Already now with one third of their population unable to feed themselves; incapable of thinking their way out of this problem (by design of chemical weapon poisoning, and of course, the mind-control programming breaking down enough that they consider themselves mad, insane, and VOLUNTEER to take the mind control drugs, rather than accept there SITUATION is INSANE, not them, NOR THEIR CHILDREN); determined to vote for, and thus consent, to yet more falsehoods, more surreality, that looks and tastes and smells 'real' (but isn't).  Disney manufactured fake realities; and you know know, as long as the doughnuts keep flowing, really, they no care! ...  But soon, soon; the war is coming home.  

Then, after the mass murder and slaughter for genocide profits - nuke genocides (now part of Westpoint Courses for ten years, upon on of the highest sources; dare you?).  Fascism so embedded; Americans march onwards towards their own graves, like the solders of the German army in 1944 before them; feeling ever more hollow, ever more unable to speak the truth; locked down in psychiatric institutions, if the dare utter the truth, just like in Stalinist Russia before them.  

Enslaved by their own populations desire for security against false enemies.  the boogyman; non-existent terrorists, everywhere; SCARED; PARALYSED BY FEAR; exactly as intended by the NAZIS.  

Do you even know why Kurt Haskell is famous in many circles OUTSIDE of America; bet you don't even know who he is?

Did you know, he's no slave; is at least
TRYING, to get you to understand.

If you do.  well done.  The proven mind control, hasn't got you, not quite yet. But now of course, we have the ULF perfected, we suspect.  Can you ever even be sure you know your own mind anymore?

Has the pathogen already reached and flossed your brain?

We doubt it, but soon with synthetic life growing products inside you, would you even be able to do anything about it next year?  We doubt it.

The White Rabbit!

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