Tuesday, 16 October 2012


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In the second half of this program, a discussion of the criminal scumbag Martin Wheatley (currently conspiring to pervert the course of public justice in the UK), that this blog has already warned of prosecution, absent even one police officer wiling to do the necessary.

Good old City of London police.  You can rely on them ... just not to arrest any real crooks; like Mervyn King; Top Fraudster, and other assorted global heisters, shysters, thieves and interest rate manipulators ... You know, those people who ROBBED EVERY LAST PERSON ON THE PLANET with ANY sort of financial product whatsoever; credit card, mortgage, bank account overdraft, that sort of thing.  Never mind ... Dare to protest your slave-hood, and they'll be busy making sure Twitter censors THAT protest; dare to protest in person outside the bank of England, and you can be REAL sure, you'll get yourself arrested.

London 2012 - the history books will not be remembering the peaceful Olympics, but the OUTRAGEOUS NEVER-INVESTIGATED GLOBAL FRAUDS AND SCAMS that ever so clearly show the POLICE AS CORRUPTED BEYOND BELIEF ... But with Perverting The Course of Public Justice Wheatley now in charge (until we jail him), you can be sure of only one thing:  MORE RAMPANT CRIMINALITY, as ever so eloquently pointed out by Max's guest:  an ex policeman, no less (see, there once were some honest ones).  This episode, simply not to be missed!  Do enjoy Martin; may be one of the last you can without a cock up your ass; you now, even rapists and paedophiles pay mortgages (bet you didn't think (long enough) about that before you make the most outrageous statements ever heard in the UK.

Some people we might even offer to prosecute totally free of charge; this guy tops the list! ;)

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