Friday, 19 October 2012


Press TV is the ONLY MSM worldwide to have given coverage to Operation Blackheath (coverage of the 15 Trillion Dollar fraud; and the fraud that is the BASIS of the TRASHING of EU Nations Soveighty ... So now you can see why it's been BANNED and of course, RIGHT ACROSS EUROPE, where this knowledge is most needed by politicians).

"Press TV has launched a Facebook petition to save the news channel across Europe after European satellite provider Eutelsat SA stopped the broadcast of several Iranian satellite channels on the order of the European Commission.

In a blatant violation of freedom of speech, the company ordered media services company, Arqiva, to take the Iranian satellite channels off one of its Hot Bird frequencies on Monday.

The decision follows months of jamming of Iranian channels by European satellite companies.

Iranian news channels affected by the decision only aimed to break the West’s monopoly on news broadcast by reflecting the voice of the oppressed people to the world.

The illegal move by Eutelsat SA, therefore, is a step to silence all alternative news outlets representing the voice of the voiceless.

Press TV calls on its supporters to join the campaign and back the news channel by liking the petition and leaving comments at the following address in order to protect the free speech in Europe:

Save Press TV in Europe


Of course, meantime, the 'Good old BBC' is being shown to be what it really is, one great pile of covered up CHILD RAPE, you know, PAID FOR BY YOU SLAVE.

No wonder they banned Press TV hey <g>.  Can't have the truth leaking out, after all; not when the military industrial SLAUGHTER MACHINE wants MORE DEAD HUMANS for fun and profit (and again, it doesn't care how many EU nationals DIE either).

You know, just like the ILLEGAL WAR CRIMINALS got us all into Afghanistan (for the drugs and rare earth metals) ... And Iraq, for the OIL (and to ensure ROTHSCHILD CENTRAL BANKSTERS control the ENTIRE PLANET of HUMAN SLAVES to the DARK CABAL FAKE FIAT MAGIK TRIX DEPT; THE SATANISTS.

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