Tuesday, 16 October 2012


If you didn't know, you're at one of only two website's published from the UK, that form part of what we called Operation Blackheath Hashtag on Twitter #OpBLACKHEATH ... It seems finally, ONE person, is realising the significance (what, DUMBO TRADERS, you didn't realise THIS IS THE FREAKIING MONEY BEING USED TO TRASH YOUR LIFE????).

Do oh DO check out the links down the right hand side, you know, that massive section (only a tiny part of the relevant posts on this blog), and do understand GREECE, and SPAIN, and ITALY, and EVERY OTHER LAST COUNTRY IN THE EU, that this is the FRAUDULENTLY CREATED 15 TRILLION FAKE FIAT DARK CABAL MAGIK TRIX that is going to allow us ALL to live in SAFETY from these GENOCIDAL SCUM, because THIS IS THE ONE FRAUD THEY CANNOT ESCAPE (despite the TORY TERRORISTS in the HOUSE OF LORDS, DA-NOTICING THIS MASSIVE SCAM (because obviously they are in on it too! ;).  DARK CABAL DHS **NAILED** (now do folks GET UP TO SPEED, *FAST** ... your life DOES depend on it).  Before the Morgellons destroys YOUR brain, too! ;)

"Top Comments
  • Lock up this so-called Inspector General of the Federal Reserve, then ALL family members of the Rothschild & Rockefellar dynasty's should be locked up. Re-establish & regulate what were the small people's banks with 'real money', shut down forth-with ALL major banking corporations & sell off the individual assets of these crims & give it all back to the people.
  • 600,000,000 people are brainwashed. 1119 people can think. 23 are smart."
We couldn't agree more, but would simply add, of course, those 23, are #OTB's helpers! ;)

Now DUMBO, The Pet Goat! ... Forget all about this page and go back to GODZILLA SHIT making or cleaning up (and preparing your children to DIE in WORLD WAR THREE in the IRANIAN NUCLEAR DESERT).  Like the good little The Pet Goat you are.

I mean after all, clearly you're too DUMB to even understand our DARK CABAL FAKE FIAT FOREX MAGIK TRIX posts and others like them ... The Pet Goat!  Man, we even nailed it a day before Max n Stacy heh .... But still you doubt ... The White Rabbit! ... Is smart.

Really ... no, no REALLY.  I mean, 3,500 posts like this one didn't change a thing about your BRAINWASHING, clearly ... why let this one break through into the light.  Back to pretending you understand those articles in the MSM about the economy, back to thinking you're a 'Master of the Universe'; back to SLEEP Dumbo, for really, it's not YOUR children that are going to be slaughered due to YOUR INCOMPETENCE, INEPTITUDE, and outright PSYCHOPATHY, is it ... Oh no ... it's those nasty muslims who did 911 ... Right?

Even though we have the VIDEO PROOF of the DARK CABAL MAGIK TRIX that NO PLANE HIT THE PENTAGON, right here on this very website (plus a whole load more proofs of just about everything you've been told is a 'conspiracy theory'...

Oh I give up; dawn ... time to go stare at ... The Pet Goat! ... 

And LAUGH at the ANT like powers of their brains ...

The White Rabbit!

PS Maybe you missed us PUBLISHING OUR PRIVATE LETTER TO TWITTER ABOUT ALL OF THIS ...  WOW ... what a read; we promise you!! heh
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