Monday, 3 September 2012

#FALKVINGE Can't Stop Free File Sharing #PIRATEBAY

Falkvinge; HERO!  Mike Weatherley MP; NAZI BILDERBERG SCUM "'Trilled' to see squatting [i.e. being homeless and finding a roof to sleep under] becomes a criminal offence'".  Of course, Mike Weatherley, SCUMBAG does a mean line in taking pay off the COPYRIGHT NAZIS (and we suspect has personal gain to make from the PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX; we're checking into that, as we speak).  Meantime, the whole of World that has a BRAIN, certainly knows who is a Socialist (we bet Mike Weatherby, Bilderberg NAZI scum voted for BANKSTER BAILOUTS (whilst LYING to his constituents that FAKE FIAT is REAL money (on behalf of his BILDERBERG NAZI SCUM friend bringing in SECRET TRIALS for ANYONE that dares to oppose their NAZI EUGENICS AGENDA)), and who wants YOUR CHILDREN to have NO KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE WORLD free online, at all!  He wants them SPIED ON, DAY, NIGHT, on the streets, IN THEIR BEDROOMS.  You know, because he's buddies (co-sponsors) of the NAZI BILDERBERG SCUM PLAN to have EVERYONE on PLANET EARTH BURIED under CENTURIES more debt, rather than the BANKSTERS take a HAIRCUT, because THEY FUCKED UP, not you.  

Nothing like RESPONSIBILITY for your ACTIONS is their MIKE WEATHERLEY MP; you like to make people who are HOMELESS CRIMINALS; seems like we need to show YOU the STREET!  

And mark our words careful AGENDA 21 NAZI; WE WILL. In fact, it's our NEW MISSION IN LIFE

We hereby call for LEAKS on MIKE WEATHERLEY Member of Parliament for the CONSTITUENCY of BRIGHTON AND HOVE; any level of criminality, WE WILL PUBLISH IT (despite any risks). Please DO leak ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you have on MIKE WEATHERLEY MP to BRITILEAKS.

We're already buddies with the founders of BRITILEAKS, and we're DEFINITELY going to help them take you down, ASSHOLE.  With NAZI COPYRIGHT NAZI Mike Meatherley MP, COMMUNIST, (DVD AGENT?) NAZI you know he's only a paycheck away from LOCKING UP YOUR CHILDREN FOR PROFIT PAY PERSONALLY - just check him out, and WHO HE WORKS FOR (really). Certainly not the poor kids in his constuency, who he wants DUMBED DOWN, nice and ready for their CONTINUED ENSLAVEMENT into the PSYCHO-LED BILDERBERG NAZI SYSTEM of NO PAY JOBS for the UNEMPLOYED (slave labour without the need to pay for the slaves food), and DEATH ON THE STREET THIS WINTER, for any and all 'useless eaters', like these NAZIS like to call them! ;)

More, much, much, much more about BILDERBERG NAZIS, and their PLAN TO ENSLAVE HUMANITY, soon! ;)  And to get his constituents' understanding that it's THEIR GRANDCHILDREN this COPYRIGHT NAZI wants LOCKED UP FOR FIVE YEARS IN AMERICA working for his BILDERBERG FASCIST NAZI SCUM friends, working for 27 cents an hour 'competing' (for his NAZI friends) with CHINESE SLAVE CAMPS.  We take a bet he's buddies with UK PENSION STEALING NAZI MITT ROMNEY! ;)  Don't say we didn't warn you just as soon as we could BRIGHTON & HOVE CONstutuents.  Believe us, and mark our words well; it's YOUR GRANDCHILDREN these NAZIS are coming to WIPE OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH.  If you don't believe us, just look around the documentary proof on THIS VERY SITE (you know, there's a reason we've got 600,000 views from now 130+ countries around the planet.  And it's NOT because we tell LIES.  That's MIKE SCUMBAG OF THE DECADE WEATHERLEY MP; leading KNOWLEDGE NAZI of the UK

Meantime, over to the only politician in Europe, who understand the Internet, and understand what the NAZIS are trying to do it it, not for 'protection of property rights' at all (as the MIND CONTROL Mike Weatherley MP would have his (old; Brighton & Hove has a large RETIRED population) have them believe, but to keep the BANKSTERS in control of the MINDS OF MAN.


And frankly, we simply can't wait to put YOU where YOU so clearly belong; ON TRAIL; NAZI!

The White Rabbit!
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