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Now, we only got just a tiny way into this one before we took it to drafts, and the second we just finished blasting through it, we're taking it straight to public page.  This one, you have just GOT to read.  And not just for  ... the #Lulz  Though we can tell you, covering the agencies hacking into everyone's computers worldwide, illegally HOOVERING UP every last bit of data and storing it for 100 years (do you have any idea how cheap computers would be if the NSA would stop buying every second chip on the planet?) ... and other such UNCONSTITUTIONAL, ANTI-DEMOCRATIC, DEMONIC MORONIC ILLUMINATI ACTIVITIES, well now, we could actually get an economy working again, you know, not that having any money is seen as useful by these idiots that think National Security is NOT TELLING YOU about the NO PLANE HITTING THE PENTAGON, and other, totally MINOR details about 9-11.   You know, those SMALL DETAILS THAT PROOVE INSIDE JOB, like the THIRTEEN MILLION DOLLAR CIA HEAD PAYOFF (as described by CIA WHISTLEBLOWER HERE)

They know, and indeed, have ALWAYS known such things you see, it's just they like treating YOU LIKE AN IDIOTS.  Some days, you have just got to love these peeps; no one else on the planet has the balls, nor the brains, it would seem, to actually find out and TELL YOU what is REALLY going on on this planet of THEIRS.  Never mind, soon the CROOKS *will* be jailed, or hopefully better yet, BEATEN DEAD 'resisting arrest'.  LIfe, we feel, may soon be starting to work too ways for some of these COCKSUCKERS who seek to ABRAXUS YOU, whilst privately pocketing BILLIONS of pounds of YOUR money, whilst JAILING YOU for even daring to suggest there may be just a tiny problem for democracy in any of this. I could go on.  Really though, the meat here, is right now: we quote a quotable quote which may just give you a tiny sense of what is coming below " ... while you may hack for the status quo, you are forbidden to hack the status quo."  First of all, you may need to read up a little on how APPLE (the people that sell you hardware you cannot use save in the way THEY want, and sell you APPLE software, without telling you 90% (guessing) of the code they actually got FREE) identifies it's objects


EXTRACTED IN FULL (colour emphasis is ours)

"Now I know what a ghost is. Unfinished business, that's what."
― Salman Rushdie, The Satanic Verses

     :@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@      .'@@              
      #@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@+;  .+@@@@@              
         +;;'#@@@@#+;`      ,:                  
         .#@@@@#++:  @.    ...`                
      `'@@@@#++'. +  .#++;;+  +                
    ,@@@@@#++:``::+   `',:+,. ,                
  `@@@@#, #+` ',.`'.   +` ``  `,  .+            
   @@:`  ,+. ,`:``.:   '. .',+++   #            
   ``    #+`++,.`:,``    :`+@@'@@@@'    ````    
         #'`#+:`.,`:` .@@@+@#  +`.      :  `:  
         #:: +.`,.., `@@,#@':. +        :   '  
         #: ` ',:`,, @#``    + +        ' `,;  
         #: ` `:''`  @` #:.. , '        #+++:  
         #: ,     ;#'#  + :   `:         #++    
         #; '     `''         ,          '.    
         ;' '                 #         `@#    
          #.;                ;`       ,#.:;    
          `+;               '.        @   `    
           :#;            `@:        :`  `,    
            .#+;        `'+.'        +          
              .@++#'+@+@++` ;@.     '          
               `' ., ` #:`# `+.#+  :.          
                ., :  @#;.`;`:  `#@.            
                 +``,.;`@+,. '#                
                 @' ' ;`@:+`#`;`                
                `#+  ,'`#  :.  '                
                ' #.  :`#` '`. +                
                # +.  .:+: :`. .                
               `, +,   ..+ '`   :              
               ;` #+@:,:#.;``   '              
               #'##:#+.  : `;   ;              
               #. #:      `'`   :              
                  #,        `   .                                    
   _  _                  __  .__                    
__| || |_______    _____/  |_|__| ______ ____   ____
\   __   /\__  \  /    \   __\  |/  ___// __ \_/ ___\
 |  ||  |  / __ \|   |  \  | |  |\___ \\  ___/\  \___
/_  ~~  _\(____  /___|  /__| |__/____  >\___  >\___  >
  |_||_|       \/     \/             \/     \/     \/


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we share ideas sometimes through the voice of twitter.com/@AnonymousIRC
so then there is where to look for news.

So well, some of you know what we were at during these last long weeks, and
probably less people know we were also testing new stuff and shits for our next
so, whatever. Happy to bring this Special #FFF Edition to you (so special that's
even not on friday), again for the utterly lulz.

we have written our very honest statement here, ofc it was intended for those
who are truely interested on reading it, for those fellows who dont give a fuck
about ideology and who are just lurking for the candy, skip it and jump
directly to the candy and lulzy part titled: Candy and Lulzy part. we hope you
find it useful as well as funny. and for those who dont care about the whole
fucking shit... wtf r u doing here?? go and download a movie.

so here we go...

   just a comment: we are still waiting for published news about the 
   $ 2 billions worth loans Assad has taken from Russia, 
   mentioned on the syrian mails
   and also about the transfer of money to austrian banks etc....
   and also cocks...
   So, don't be lazy journos and look for them.

a few words.  
"For when all else is done, on­ly words re­main. Words en­dure."

In July 2012 NSA's General Keith Alexander (alias the Bilderberg Biddy) spoke
at Defcon, the hacker conference in Las Vegas, wearing jeans and a cool EFF
t-shirt (LOL. Wtf was that?). He was trying to seduce hackers into improving
Internet security and colonoscopy systems, and to recruit them, ofc, for his
future cyberwars. It was an amusing hypocritical attempt made by the system to
flatter hackers into becoming tools for the state, while his so-righteous
employer hunts any who doesn't bow to them like fucking dogs.

We got the message.
We decided we'd help out Internet security by auditing FBI first. We all know
by now they make Internet insecure on purpose to help their bottom line. But
it's a shitty job, especially since they decided to hunt us down and jail our

It's the old double standard that has been around since the 80's. Govt Agencies
are obsessed with witchhunts against hackers worldwide, whilst they also
recruit hackers to carry out their own political agendas.

You are forbidden to outsmart the system, to defy it, to work around it. In
short, while you may hack for the status quo, you are forbidden to hack the
status quo. Just do what you're told. Don't worry about dirty geopolitical
games, that's business for the elite. They're the ones that give dancing orders
to our favorite general, Keith, while he happily puts on a ballet tutu. Just
dance along, hackers. Otherwise... well...

In 1989 hagbard (23yrs old) was murdered after being involved into cold war spy
games related to KGB and US. Tron, another hacker, was
murdered in 1998 (aged 26) after messing around with a myriad of cryptographic
stuff (yeah, it's usually a hot item) and after making cryptophon easily
accesible for the masses. And then you have Gareth Williams (31), the GCHQ 
hacker murdered and "bagged" inside a MI6's "safe" house (we'd hate to see what 
the unsafe ones look like) in August of 2010 after talking about being curious 
about leaking something to Wikileaks with fellow hackers on irc. And the list
goes on. It's easy to cover up when they want to, hackers often have complex
personalities, so faking their suicide fits well.

You are welcome to hack what the system wants you to hack. If not, you will be

Jeremy Hammond faces the rest of his productive life in prison for being an
ideological motivated political dissident. He was twice jailed for following
his own beliefs. He worked until the end to uncover corruption and the
connivance between the state and big corporations. He denounces the abuses and
bribes of the US prison system, and he's again facing that abuse and torture at
the hands of authorities.

Last year, Bradley Manning was tortured after allegedly giving WikiLeaks
confidential data belonging to US govt... oh shit. The world shouldn't know how
some soldiers enjoy killing people and even less when they kill journalists. Of
course, the common housewife doesn't deserve to know the truth about the
hypocrisy in the international diplomacy or how world dictators spend money in
luxury whilst their own people starve. Yep, the truth belongs only to the 
elite, and if you are not part of them (forget it, that won't happen), fuck 

People are frustrated, they feel the system manipulating them more than ever.
Never underestimate the power of frustrated people.
For the last few years we have broke into systems belonging to Governments and
Big corporations just to find out they are spending millions of tax dollars to
spy on their citizens. They work to discredit dissenting voices. They pay their
friends for overpriced and insecure networks and services.

We showed how former govt and military officials were making new businesses
using their government relationships.
They funnel public money to their own interests for overpriced contracts for
crap level services. They use those 
relationships to extra-officially resolve affairs involving their businesses.

We exposed a criminal System eliminating those who think different; 
criminalizing them. This System won't tolerate those who dig for the truth, it 
can't. So no one has the right to question anything coming from this system. if 
you buy a piece of hardware or software you just need to use it as it was 
supposed to be used: anything else is forbidden. 
No tinkering allowed. 

If you buy a Playstation, you are not allowed to use it as you want to -- you 
can only use it the Sony wants you to. If you have found a way to improve 
something, just shut up. You are not allowed to share this info with anyone 
else and let them make improvements, too. We are not the real owners of 
anything anymore. We just borrow things from the System. Shiny, colorful 
things, we agree to play with for a fee. A fee for life. 
Because this system works only if you keep working to buy new things.
Not important if they are good things, just buy new crap, even better like that.
So everything gets outdated soon.

You home, stuff, car and computer, you will pay for everything you have for all 
of your life. All the time: a monthly fee, forever until you die. That's the 
future; nothing is really yours. LAAS - Life As A Service.
You will rent your life. 

And better hurry up and work all day if you want to stay alive. Work 'til
you're exhausted and don't think. No -- thinking is bad. Play games instead, do
drugs too, why not? Or go to the movies. The Entertainment Industry is here to
resolve all your philosophical and trascendental problems. Shiny colorful crap.
but please don't think too much.
Thinking is dangerous. 

Accept the offer, it's the perfect deal. 
You get all those amazing shiny colorful beads. 
It will only cost you freedom...and your life. 
Indians did it with Manhattan. 
There's nothing to worry about it, is there?

And what if you are a lone wolf who quietly outside the system, doing your own
thing, without saying a word? They will be mad as hell. They will try to find
you. You will be fucked up anyway, sooner or later. Because the system wants
you clearly identified, with all your personal details well packed into a
government database so it can make its watchdogs' lives easier.

Security researchers are often questioned and their movements tracked by Secret 
Service, FBI and other shits. They are asked about their projects, who their
clients are, who they are talking to, what they know about other hackers, etc..
 So be a good monkey, follow the rules, head down and you'll get some coins
that let you keep renting your life.

But hey! Wait... 
We are hackers... 
We are supposed to look beyond the rules, to find things others don't see. And 
THE SYSTEM, yeah the whole fucking system, it's just another system. 
...and we do that. 
we hack systems. 

This is our next challenge: to decide whether to become tools for the system, 
or for ourselves. The system plans to use us to hold the next in their endless 
wars, their cyberwars.
Hackers vs. hackers, slaves vs slaves. 

We are trapped.

Jack Henry Abbott, a writer who was incarcerated almost his whole life for his
crimes, wrote before hanging himself: "As long as I am nothing but a ghost of
the civil dead, I can do nothing…", the 'civil dead' are those, like himself,
who had their autonomy systematically destroyed by the state. Now his words
extend to cover all of us. We have seen our own autonomy being systematically
destroyed by the State. We are becoming ghosts of our dead civil rights.

So yes we are criminals, we are the criminals our dear system have created:
Argumentum ad Baculum

In a world where you fear the words you use to express yourself. Where you are 
punished for choosing the wrong ones, we have just decided to follow our own 
way. There's no worst kind of slavery than one where you are afraid of your own 

Governments around the globe are already in control of us in real life, and 
they have now declared war on the people to take over the Internet.
It's happening now. It's not waiting for you to wake up.
So now my dear friends, it's your turn to decide where you belong,
and what you are made of.

"When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government
fears the people there is liberty."
― Thomas Jefferson

_________                    .___                          .___
\_   ___ \_____    ____    __| _/__.__. _____    ____    __| _/
/    \  \/\__  \  /    \  / __ <   |  | \__  \  /    \  / __ |
\     \____/ __ \|   |  \/ /_/ |\___  |  / __ \|   |  \/ /_/ |
 \______  (____  /___|  /\____ |/ ____| (____  /___|  /\____ |
        \/     \/     \/      \/\/           \/     \/      \/
.____          .__                  __________                __
|    |    __ __|  | ___________.__. \______   \_____ ________/  |_
|    |   |  |  \  | \___   <   |  |  |     ___/\__  \\_  __ \   __\
|    |___|  |  /  |__/    / \___  |  |    |     / __ \|  | \/|  |
|_______ \____/|____/_____ \/ ____|  |____|    (____  /__|   |__|
        \/                \/\/                      \/          

CANDY! CANDY! CANDY!...............candy.

Download links:



first check the file MD5:

(lol yes, a "1337" there for the lulz, God is in the detail)

then decrypt the file using openssl:
openssl aes-256-cbc -d -a -in file.txt -out decryptedfile.tar.gz

password is:

then uncompress:
tar -xvzf decryptedfile.tar.gz

and then check file integrity using the MD5 included in the password u used to
decrypt before:
^ yeah that one.

if everything looks fine
then perhaps it is.

enjoy it!

there you have. 1,000,001 Apple Devices UDIDs linking to their users and their 
APNS tokens.
the original file contained around 12,000,000 devices. we decided a million would be 
enough to release.
we trimmed out other personal data as, full names, cell numbers, addresses,
zipcodes, etc.
not all devices have the same amount of personal data linked. some devices
contained lot of info.
others no more than zipcodes or almost anything. we left those main columns we 
consider enough to help a significant amount of users to look if their devices 
are listed there or not. the DevTokens are included for those mobile hackers
who could figure out some use from the dataset.

file contains details to identify Apple devices.
ordered by:

Apple Device UDID, Apple Push Notification Service DevToken, Device Name, 
Device Type.

We never liked the concept of UDIDs since the beginning indeed.
Really bad decision from Apple.
fishy thingie.

so the big question:
why exposing this personal data? 
well we have learnt it seems quite clear nobody pays attention if you just come
and say 'hey, FBI is using your device details and info and who the fuck knows
what the hell are they experimenting with that', well sorry, but nobody will care.
FBI will, as usual, deny or ignore this uncomfortable thingie and everybody will
forget the whole thing at amazing speed. so next option, we could have released
mail and a very small extract of the data. some people would eventually pick up
the issue but well, lets be honest, that will be ephemeral too.
So without even being sure if the current choice will guarantee that people 
will pay attention to this fucking shouted
SHIT' well at least it seems our best bet, and even in this
case we will probably see their damage control teams going hard lobbying media 
with bullshits to discredit this, but well, whatever, at least we tried and 
eventually, looking at the massive number of devices concerned, someone should 
care about it. Also we think it's the right moment to release this knowing that
Apple is looking for alternatives for those UDID currently and since a while
blocked axx to it, but well, in this case it's too late for those concerned
owners on the list. we always thought it was a really bad idea. that hardware 
coded IDs for devices concept should be erradicated from any device on the 
market in the future.

so now candy was delivered.
few words, and just a few, about how the shit came. we don't like too much
about disclosing this part, we understood it would be needed, so, fuck
whatever. lost asset. Hope it serves for something.

During the second week of March 2012, a Dell Vostro notebook, used by 
Supervisor Special Agent Christopher K. Stangl from FBI Regional Cyber Action 
Team and New York FBI Office Evidence Response Team was breached using the 
AtomicReferenceArray vulnerability on Java, during the shell session some files 
were downloaded from his Desktop folder one of them with the name of 
"NCFTA_iOS_devices_intel.csv" turned to be a list of 12,367,232 Apple iOS 
devices including Unique Device Identifiers (UDID), user names, name of device, 
type of device, Apple Push Notification Service tokens, zipcodes, cellphone 
numbers, addresses, etc. the personal details fields referring to people 
appears many times empty leaving the whole list incompleted on many parts. no 
other file on the same folder makes mention about this list or its purpose. 


to journalists: no more interviews to anyone till Adrian Chen get featured in
the front page of Gawker, a whole day, with a huge picture of him dressing a
ballet tutu and shoe on the head, no photoshop. yeah, man. like Keith
Alexander. go, go, go.
(and there you ll get your desired pageviews number too) Until that happens,
this whole statement will be the only thing getting out
directly from us. So no tutu, no sources.

Our support to Wikileaks and Julian Assange.

respect to Tunisian and Egyptian people, keep the good fight. Dont accept new 
oppressors in the place of the old ones.

To Syrian rebels: If Assad wins he will exterminate all of you till the very
last one, so better go and kill the motherfucker and his
bunch of suckers for once.

Support to Pussy Riot: Hang in there, babes! Resistance forever.

we r sorry mike about what happened to you and princess.
we didnt want to bring you in troubles with the feds
and we ve heard about the reasons leading you to have spoken out to them,
it's sad you ve just hanged around couple of weeks with us
(we vagely understood u felt misplaced),
but looking back to some events, at the end, it was also a good choice for
hope u finish understanding it's not about the things we think we have seen.
its always about those things we dont see.
theres always another behind behind the behind.

Greetings to all other groups struggling on their daily fight. 
Remember that fights between us it's what our adversaries are looking for. 
Now this is your time.

"This is the highest wisdom that I own; freedom and life are earned by those 
alone who conquer them each day anew."

LulzSec, AntiSec, LulzXmas series, ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US,
MegaCockLulzFestival, "I'm 12 and wat iz diz?", CIA Tango Down,
#FuckFBIFriday, #StratforHasTheButtInFlames, #BlueHairedAaronBarr,
#WestboroChurchLovesEatingCocks, White Hats Can't Jump, "Keith Alexander
dressing an exhuberant ballet tutu" image and others are all trademarks of
Anonymous Inc. and well...all the people in general...

Romney aber, sag's ihm, er kann mich im Arsche lecken!

Disclaimer: We like beer and the use of manipulated bacterial ADN to transmit
encrypted data.


well that's all now we can move on and go to sleep."




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