Thursday, 23 August 2012


Question: would this have even come to light in the SECRET COURTS AND TRIBUNAL SYSTEM sought to be imposed on Brits by the Dark Cabal Leader in the Dark Cabal Tory Terrorist Financiers' Government by Ken 'Injustice SECRETary of State' Clarke ... We doubt it, just like the police and government of course want:  NONE OF THEIR CRIMES EVER COMING INTO THE PUBLIC JUSTICE SYSTEM, whereupon DECENT LAW-ABIDING (rather than GRAND THEFT STEALING) Brits can actually get at the FACTS of their  DISHONEST OPPRESSIONS:.

"Ian Tomlinson pathologist Freddy Patel guilty of misconduct and dishonesty

Dr Freddy Patel 'undermined the coronial system' due to a catalogue of errors in postmortems dating back 10 years, the independent panel found. Photograph: Jonathan Hordle/Rex Features

James Meikle
The Guardian, Tue 21 Aug 2012 19.24 BST

Freddy Patel, the pathologist who conducted the first postmortem on Ian Tomlinson, has been found guilty by a medical tribunal of misconduct, deficient professional performance and dishonesty.

An independent fitness to practice panel said Patel had brought his profession into disrepute and had shown "a closed mindset" in April 2009 when he had attributed Tomlinson's death during the G20 protests to coronary heart disease.

Patel did not change his mind after he had seen video footage of Tomlinson being struck to the ground, despite finding fluid and blood in Tomlinson's abdominal cavity, or when three other pathologists considered Tomlinson had died as a result of bleeding from a traumatic liver injury caused by a push and fall to the ground.

He also lied about his status, allowing him to remain on the official Home Office register of forensic pathologists on which he was still listed when the City of London coroner Paul Matthews summoned him to establish Tomlinson's cause of death.

The panel found he had deliberately concealed that he was not on a group practice of pathologists, a requirement to remain on the register after 2006, as it also reviewed Patel's failures in other cases dating back to 2002. Patel had been suspended from the medical register – the database of doctors legally allowed to practise in the UK – for other failures in 2010 and 2011.

Panel chair Robert Lloyd-Richards said: "It is clearly in the interest of the general public that they should be able to have confidence in the coronial system and this confidence has been undermined by your failures in these cases.

"Having considered everything before it the panel has determined that your fitness to practise … is impaired by reason of misconduct and deficient professional performance in the case of Mr Tomlinson. ... (Continues)..."



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