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So we are so sick of the BS coming down the wire (literally); we are now experiencing from a UK IP address MASSIVE AND CONTINUING CENSORSHIP in obtaining a route on the internet (DNS related attacks), and also we firmly believe censorship from accessing pages from the UK that are controversial (and that the USG doesn't want you to see on this website?).

If we click the cache link, Google now inserts a string including "usg" (any ideas anyone, Google, u out there?).and we cannot access those pages seemingly when they at least hae VIDEO CONTENT ABOUT ECUADOR AND ASSANGE),; our page published thanks to torproject:

When others will pull. heh.  

Note, google cache is still working from the link on the page stating the desired site is 'inaccessible'.  We *can* get text cache pages, but at least in this case ... phew, what a hassle they are now making it, the NAZIS.  We thought we show you how much WORSE it's got since the TROJAN sent to destroy The White Rabbit by the DARK CABAL ILLUMINATI!

You know; people like KROLL, the BENT CORRUPT (tiny minority but totally in control) MASONIC OTO LODGE FOLJKS WHO PROVIDE THE PRIESTS TO THE ILLUMINATI IN LONDON.  ;)  See, The White Rabbit!  We just don't make stuff up like your Human MSM. ;)

Notably missing and thus occult is the role PRIESTS TO THE ILLUMINATI at (and above?) the seventh level (of the TEN levels we saw on their website some years ago).

Unseen LINK heh!

Believe what you will, the truth, is yours.   If you want it.  If you can accept realities.  Multiple levels, multiple meanings, symbolism, even, hidden (and thus 'occult', by definition, semantically: whether you (or The White Rabbit) like it) meanings.

Please post this page URL into any tech forum you can post to and ask peeps to try help us understand what is happening.  It's not jjust 'conspiracy'; others using UK IP addresses checked the same links and they loaded fine we were told.  Maybe you can access these documents now.  They are there; we can pull them using Tor:

Just some of the Intel in via Twitter; which itself is tangled up right now with whether or not to #FreeTheWhiteRabbit #FreeOccupyOfficial - The White Rabbit! #TwitterCampaign RT if u want The White Rabbit! To roam free on Twitter Again!! xx

We declare:

We suspect you may not be able to in the future, so it's time to start doing your bit and preserving the criminal record, the evidece, through which some of the worst criminals in world history (think in this case the Bernie Maddof of Intel; too stupid to realise where he was heading if he fucked over the rich, and the wise).  Here we have a page WITHOUT the links go download ALL all these files, do your bit in the infobit war today!!  Don't let truth; nor Julian Assange die.  Hang A Hague Act 2012 (HAHA 2012).  Let's have a laugh bringing the truth to light:  the CENSORED TRUTH OF THE REAL JULIAN ASSANGE STORY, of the BIOWEAPONS COVERUP; THE DEATH OF DAVID KELLY & MOR
Alt link (finally pulled using Tor):

*And* it's really, really really important, you don't let's the Anons nor Wikileaks efforts go to waste, for we've only had time here before to put on the STRATFOR GOLDMAN SCUM CRME INSIDER-TRADING RING (going right into GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION WORLDWIDE).

And reminder, then theres KROLL never mind GODZILLA.


On Monday February 27th, 2012, WikiLeaks began publishing The Global Intelligence Files, over five million e-mails from the Texas headquartered "global intelligence" company Stratfor. The e-mails date between July 2004 and late December 2011. They reveal the inner workings of a company that fronts as an intelligence publisher, but provides confidential intelligence services to large corporations, such as Bhopal's Dow Chemical Co., Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and government agencies, including the US Department of Homeland Security, the US Marines and the US Defence Intelligence Agency. The emails show Stratfor's web of informers, pay-off structure, payment laundering techniques and psychological methods.

List of documents > Release An Unethical Record – Stratfor & the New York Times

Released on 2012-08-24 05:00 GMT

Read stories about those documents at the following addresses:

So now go here and download the dox, on the wikileaks page, you will see the column on the left is Email-ID the numbers below, are all hyperlinked.  Publish your thoughts; and the document of course, if you publish in any way!  Freedom is dying people reality is fading.

Ensure we know who the bad guys are, their nefarious illegal plans to STEAL from you.


Archive of dox that may die unless YOU Grab them and REPLICATE them (email, upload, republish, send to a friend, whatever, but get these documents out NOW!

Email-ID Subject From To Date
12750 FW: [Customer Service/Technical Issues] billing history errors, 2009-06

13155 RE: STRATFOR in The New York Times, 2009-06

18233 FW: Please invoice and charge credit card Gartner Inc. $2,995 2007-05

84934 Re: The Business of Stratfor, 2011-07

119490 [alpha] INSIGHT - Mexico - Thoughts on Casino attack, NYT piece, other notes - MX01 2011-09

201031 2011-12
219254 RE: New York Times,,,, 2009-10
254534 Stratfor Receipt.xlsx, 2011-01
267008 2011-01
271755 FW: FW: media target list for Merry PR 2009-12
289379 Invitation to STRATFOR's briefing on China - Nov 3, 2010-10
289583 RE: George Friedman's weekly geopolitical analysis 2010-11
289986 RE: New York Times interview request, 2010-11
386775 Re: [TACTICAL] US Expands clandestine military activities abroad - NYT 2010-05
397697 Re: new york times inquiry, 2010-04
411681 Re: Client Question - Carlos Slim and Cartel Dynamics? 2011-04
468513 Account Maintenance (#2) - Gartner Inc, 2006-05
473739 Re: A letter from George Friedman 2011-04
501124 FW: User Name, Password 2005-10
514663 RE: Account Maintenance - Gartner Inc 2006-05
555824 RE: Stratfor Member Service / Membership Information 2008-10
577559 FW: [Customer Service/Technical Issues] Pakistan 2009-06
620711 [Customer Service/Technical Issues] Access to stratofr 2010-03
898587 Draft of Handbook Chapter on Organization 2010-08
1125785 C.I.A. and Pakistan Work Together, but Do So Warily 2010-02
1196088 Re: A thought on open source practice 2009-03
1208803 [alpha] DEA on Carlos Slim ** protect sourcing ** 2011-04
1271821 Re: THE NEXT 100 YEARS - George Friedman,,, 2008-12
1304054 Outline for George,,,,, 2011-12
1316654 [Marketing] PR Items 11.7,,,,, 2011-11
1317065 [Marketing] PR Items 11.15,,,, 2011-11
1338652 cool RTs, 2011-10
1344762 monday meeting - slides,,,,, 2011-12
1348631 George Friedman interview in NY Times article 2010-11
1417567 RE: Paid Invoice 2010-06
1422548 Fwd: Booksamillion Com Credit Applicaiton, 2011-01
1672247 Re: [Eurasia] EU/ECON - Cracks showing in EU on economic issues, 1970-01
1691055 Re: Annual Forecast 2011 2011-01
1694453 Re: interview request - International Herald Tribune 2011-01
1732382 Re: NYT On Move Towards a Bailout of Greece, 2010-02
1748912 Re: confederation update 2010-01
1765641 Re: Information on China in Europe 2011-05
1780740 Fwd: [OS] EU/CHINA/ECON - EU foreign policy chief thanks China for support in buying bonds 2011-05
1796025 Europe Seeks to Block Polish Gas Contract 2010-10
1803489 Fwd: STRATFOR in Sunday's New York Times - Week in Review 1970-01
1822533 Information on China in Europe 2011-05
2232067 Re: Tweet or news idea?,, 2011-11
2795370 FLASH REPORT/INVOICE-Chevron Latin America,,,, 2011-02
2816597 Invoice from STRATFOR,, 2011-02
2824903 Please invoice Gartner $3,250,,,,,,, 2011-06
3447461 Re: Mexican mogul Slim sees opportunity in NY Times, 2009-01
3513561 Re: NY Times Sunday,, 2008-08
3531311 RE: NY Times Sunday, 2008-08
3635756 RE: GHOST Purchase,, 2008-05
5101192 RE: NY Times contact? 2007-08
5355966 Thought 2010-02
5463685 Re: Chevron 2009-12

Finally, a message to the criminals after our planet: a message from The White Rabbit!

Now hand's off illegitimate CENSORSHIP of the UNITED KINGDOM.

Or else! 

I'll get the whole burrow onto the HAHA 2012; with YOUR NAMES ADDED!  Everyone is findable.  Even you; your assets, your ass, INHUMAN.HUMANS persectu

The White Rabbit!

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