Sunday, 5 August 2012

##SERBIA Срби смо Поздрављају вас!#IMF #EU Зец!!

NAZI banksters; booted right in the nuts!  Serbia; welcome back to the Human Race! :)  HOORAY!

Now up there with SOUTH AFRICA and ICELAND and the THIRD COUNTRY ON PLANET EARTH to say '400 years more enslavement to you fascist SCUM: f*ck that!  BIS Banksters --->>> JAIL!!".  

Serbians We Salute You!


Serbia law tightens control over central bank
The new PM, Ivica Dacic, faces the task of reviving a struggling economy
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Serbia's parliament has approved a new central bank law criticised by the EU and IMF, who say it strips away the bank's independence.

The central bank's governor, Dejan Soskic, resigned on Thursday in protest at the new law.

Parliament will have supervisory powers over the bank's executive board.

The nationalist-led government also gets the right to name the bank's top managers. The EU says the law is a step back for Serbia's bid to join the bloc.

The EU made Serbia an official candidate for membership in March - but that was before elections which resulted in a new nationalist-socialist coalition government in Belgrade. (Continues) ..."

But we also caution you; do NOT put the power of fake fiat fraud 'legal tender' mafia money making power back with the PEOPLES' REPRESENTATIVES!!

Take that power and KEEP IT WITH YOU! :)


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